The Last Virgin Standing by laughterandjynx
The Last Virgin Standingby Tiffany
(COMPLETED) Charlotte Summers is the last virgin in her school; a school where taking virginity is a sport. The sport has five main contenders: Tyler Bradshaw, the myste...
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Future (continued) by Officialfangirl17
Future (continued)by Girl Almighty
Part 2 Of Future. You wouldn't be here if you don't know what Past is.
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Avatar the Last Airbender x Reader Short Stories by OpheliaRian15
Avatar the Last Airbender x OpheliaRian15
An Avatar character (AtLA or LoK) x Reader Requests are now closed. I do not take credit for any material created by the series.
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Clouds ( Avatar: The Last Airbender) by FinlessShark
Clouds ( Avatar: The Last Thresher
Kumo was abandoned as a baby, left for the water tribe of the north. With white hair like a spirits and ice coloured eyes that pierced peoples' souls, She was an outcast...
  • katara
  • bato
  • iroh
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Avatar the last Airbender: Zuko x reader by claudiagon13
Avatar the last Airbender: Zuko claudiagon13
Kusaki and Zukos love adventure! Hope you like!
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Firework Eyes ||  Prince Zuko x Reader (hiatus) by sugamew
Firework Eyes || Prince Zuko x Yoongi Stan Asf
She is different from Katara and Sokka. She can bend all four elemets but she never knew she could. She is crafty and witty in fights. Has a destiny to protect the Ava...
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The Patronus Charm- A Lily and James Fanfiction by Dreams_of_Yesterday
The Patronus Charm- A Lily and Nichole
Lily Evans has hated James Potter ever since their first year at Hogwarts. It's not something that Lily ever expects to change. But outside the castle walls, a dark wiza...
  • potter
  • betrayal
  • remuslupin
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Fall Back In Love by ReadingForevs26
Fall Back In Loveby Hadley
"I just wanna feel life like a child again Dance under the moonlight till stars give in Fall back in love Back in love again." *** Tatum Slater is an aspiring...
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Avatar the Last Airbender Truth or Dare (COMPLETED) by Atla12
Avatar the Last Airbender Truth Ash/Ali
The Gaang and friends are here to have an interesting game of truth or dare! Come one and come all! *** @Tlok1026 made the cover!
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Last Hope | ↠Dick Grayson/Nightwing X Reader↞ | by GothamGirlx
Last Hope | ↠Dick Grayson/ watty wankers.
There has been a recent uprise in crime in the city recently. People are afraid. Nowhere is safe anymore. With the police force largely corrupted there is no one out the...
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Como en una pesadilla by Ayyewiii
Como en una pesadillaby Ayelén
*Historia NaruHina, con otras parejas secundarias* ¿Qué hacer si de un día para el otro te despiertas y todo te parece un sueño? O mejor dicho: una pesadilla. No es nad...
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This Kitten Has Claws by Lol5679
This Kitten Has Clawsby Rae Ann
Waking up naked in the middle of the woods wasn't exactly on Amanda's summer wish list. With no recollection as to what happened to her or where she came from, Amanda mu...
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The last airbender by Lizzie_directioner
The last airbenderby Not actually Lizzie .-.
"She is what I have been looking for. Take her back to the ship and lock her in a cell. Prince Zuko will finally get the servant he has been nagging his parents abo...
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One Last Time by defelicity
One Last Timeby Joelle
A.1 | When someone posts a website that points to Kaeden as the reason his girlfriend committed suicide, he works alongside Astrid, to try to prove his innocence. The on...
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I was really frustrated when I made this by nonyellowbanana
I was really frustrated when I lame
don't bother
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Under the Willow  tree by PotterHeadDRAMIONE
Under the Willow treeby Amy Moreland
A Katara and Zuko love story. When Katara and Zuko meat, Katara hates Zuko with a passion. But how did Zuko get her under the willow tree, where love is formed and hatre...
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My last words by Randomlyrandom12
My last wordsby Randomlyrandom12
A letter to someone I used to love.
  • boyfriend
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~Tied To You~ by LostInReadingForever
~Tied To You~by @Rookie
"So it's you who I'm gonna marry. Well I can only have pity." He says cornering me and putting both his palms on the wall, on either side of my head. "On...
  • wish
  • father
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Renegade Stone ♤atl/danger days AU♤ by cautionisfalling
Renegade Stone ♤atl/danger days AU♤by ragminka
"Has she not come back yet?" His hoarse voice questions as he bursts into the room where the other three sat. "No sign of her." Atlantis sighs. ...
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Destined (Atla & Zuko Fanfic) by Dreamz_Big14
Destined (Atla & Zuko Fanfic)by Savanna Miller
"What do you mean he's banished Azula?" I ask her, not believing a word she's said. Zuko would never do something so stupid. "He spoke out of turn in a W...
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