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Chapter 7


Secret, found chappy, hope it's not that bad(:


Apparently, I had this half written saved up in my computer, with a different name, and I found what I had 'planned' or intended to write, so I just wrote a little more of this chapter, and I'm not sure if I'll go on with what is 'there', maybe? I don't know, if you like it, please say if you would like so, if not, then I'll started re-writing and changing the stuff, when I'm a little further on my other stories.



After a couple more weeks every bruise was gone but the scar was still a bit visible.

And there, now you know what happened to me.

Why I can't be near that house.

And the worst part is that apparently, I was there for almost 3 days.

And I lost my cookies.

How could I forget about them.

Maybe I'll get some when I get home.


♥Alex's P.O.V.♥

*At Home*

As I was at the front steps of my new house, I felt like I was intruding someone Else's home, it just didn't feel like home.

I've only stayed there once, only, to unpack and decorate my room. So pretty much I felt like a stranger in my own new home.

I should get it over with. I took out my hello kitty key chain, and opened the front door.

I got in and looked at my surroundings.

Wow! It looks different, from when we moved in. It's all organized and...homey.

I think I'll get used to it, quicker than I thought.

I ran up the stairs, not bothering to tell mom I was now 'home'. I ran quickly in my room, almost slipping if I may add, and jump right on my soft bed.

''Agh! This is so what I missed the most'' I said in a sigh.

'My Bed'

Shallow? Yup. I love my fluffy, cotton, soft bed.

Oww, my head still hurts, and the potato in the center of my forehead, is the onlything that's giving me a hard break to take a nice nap, or go to bed, finally, I don't have homework, I think?

I don't remember.

I then started to day dream (it's actually noon) about a chocolate man, just like the tv commercial. Yumm.. I'd so eat him up.

And then I drifted into a nice well needed sleep.

***Next Morning***Tuesday, 6:30 a.m.***Home, Room***

Today I woke up with the worst sensation on the back of my head, chocolate absence hangover, it may seem odd, but I get does when there's no cookie goodness in my system, sadly I have none, so I'm in quite a lot of pain, this won't let me concentrate unless I get myself 5 cookies pronto!

I quickly got off bed, and headed to the bathroom, and took a nice hot shower, to relax and awaken my senses, I feel so bad, I think I'll get some 'energy', and code name for that are 'sweets'.

Oh, yes!

I grinned as I picked out today's outfit, hot pink, for a nice hot Tuesday, filled with fun and excitement, not either my 'past' or whatever is going to bring me down, I looked myself over, and fixed my blouse, and headed downstairs, as I walked down, I was ambushed with the sweet smell of fresh mad pancakes and the sour odor of fresh boiled black coffee, Eww!

Coffee, with nothing is like eating cow poo!

(Not really, but that's the image I get, when I look at the black pool in a coffee mug) >.<


''Morning guys!'' I said cheerfully, as I plopped on the confy kitchen seat, that now shall be owned by 'me', signature flash.

''Alex!'' my mom said surprised, as she turned around and faced me, ''your home!''

''Yeah, mom, and I would still be, if you'd let go'' I said through her boner bear hug.

''Hey, pops'' I saluted my dad, and turned to my mom, ''so......can I get some 'energy'?'' i asked my mom, she clearly knew what I was talking about, but she just nodded, and started doing some kitchen magic, I got 'sweets' introduced my my mom, she's a sweet lover herself, that's pretty much how dad and mom met, it one of those sweet pastry stores, there were at the screen thingy, were you pick what you want, and they both wanted a super chunky chocolate cookie (that's why I love them so much!), and it was the last one, they obviously cared more for the cookie, but when it fell on the floor, and they looked at each other, they kept staring at each others eyes, it was oh, so, romantic after that, they went out, and yada, yada, it's way better when my mom tells it, I suck at 'story telling', I start good, and then I end up putting it as a totally boring story, I pouted as I finished totally not thinking that.

I'm sure mu mom is pretending to not notice the bump in my head, but I've got that covered, well I didn't get the best cover up, but for now, I'll let it have some fresh air.

I turned to my dad, ''Hey, dad, so how's the cave doing (code name for 'job, business'), is everything doing on margin?'' I asked politely, feeling really interested on the 'business' world.

Well, only on the outside, inside is totally bored.

I nodded as my dad informed me what is mostly going on, that there was a little error that hapened in the central sub, but otherwise than that, everything is doing okay.

''Wow!'' I exclaimed, as I looked at my mom, who just placed my 'energy' in front of me, with a nice cookie beside it, ''Oh, gee, thanks mom!'' I said excitedly to my mom, using one of those funny sitcom shows from the 'gonesomewhere ages' I don't remember.

''Ha, good to have you back Alex, dear'' my mom said sweetly as she cleaned off, and sat beside my dad, placing one of those cute lovely moments up in the cutesphere, of couples.

''Aww, please don't let me be blind'' I said sarcastically, as I finished off my yummy breakfast and headed for school, ''Bye, guys, gotta go to school!'' I said before I got my bag, bye kisses for my parents, and ran outside, getting a lovely cold breeze to welcome me outside, I walked to the mailbox, and patted it, ''Just breath, today is gonna be the best eva'!'' I said excitedly to myself, as I skipped to school.


......To Be Continued......



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