'·..·'I'm Miss. Innocent Girl and he's Mr. Bad Boy, how did love come out of mid air?'·..·'[5]

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Chapter 5


♥Alex's P.O.V.♥


''Hi'' he said very cheerfully.

Oh God, please kill me, kill me now!!!

Maybe that was a little to much drama?

''What do you want!?'' I said it just like I wanted it to, like a bitch.

''What is so wrong of me saying hi, to you?'' he asked like I was the bad guy here.

Are you kidding me? Are you allucinating, on pot, drugs, or are you just drunk?!?

Let me check his breath, I'll just say something up close. *wink, wink* but don't take that in the wrong way.

''Well, no'' I said making it sound seductive and getting a little close to his face.

I'm so grossed out of myself for doing this, but I have to know if he's got something in his system.

*snif, snif*


Minty Fresh.

''I knew you'd come around, babe'' he said seductively and cockily all at the same time.

Ooh.. he fell for the act, hillarious, lets play along shall we?.

''Well you were right sexy'' I said really seductively, which made his already sticker smirk humongoner.

Ooh.. I'm so good.

This is an announcment!! Listen UP!! I should get like 3 freaken Emmies and 10 Oscars for this awesome acting that I'm doing right now, maybe I should become an actress.Hmm.. just maybe.

I got a little closer as if to kiss him, and whispered into his ear very very seductively, If your asking were I learned this from, I saw it being perfomed on, last year by him and Crystal.

I think I'm being a little mean not saying who him is, but I guess you've guessed it by now.

Yes it's him.

You: just say it all ready!!!

Ok, Ok.

*lets out a surrender sigh* It's Connor.

Ooh, how I hate him.

After what he did to me, with her, ugh!....

Lets go back to my awesome flirting skills, shall we?

You: yes we may....

I whispered seductively in his ears.

''Miss me'' I said puposly brushing my lips by his ear.

I got in front of him until the point that our faces where right infront of each other, I saw him him grin as I made a moving action for his lips, until.............

I the great person that I am, as quickly as I thought of my plan, parted from his face, walked away and yelled ''Seeya'' as I made arun for it.

I left him there, by the lockers, with an expretion that I could only tag it as 'priceless', yeah just like those tv anouncments.

Oh, if only I had brought my camara, that picture would have definetly been this years it wallpaper, well for me it would.

By now I was only a few steps away from the schools front doors.

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