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Honesty  by Nbakgang
Honesty by 4ktslat
"We made a promise to each other just don't break it"
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Don't Be Scared (Human!Nightmare!Bonnie!xTeen!Reader!) by JasperMoons
Don't Be Scared (Human!Nightmare!B...by JasperMoons
A childhood ruined in one night. Being the child of a night guard, who is very dedicated to his job, you experience some strange things; like how your basement is the ho...
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The Nighttime Vigilante (Bnha Various x Female Reader) by xXBurnt_PotatoXx
The Nighttime Vigilante (Bnha Vari...by xXBurnt_PotatoXx
Y/n Takahasi also known as the Nighttime Vigilante has been fighting crime in the shadows since she was ten. It all started when her parents abandoned her in the middle...
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 Rigel x reader {Star vs the forces of evil} [Discontinued ] by tOoHaNdSomeFOrU
Rigel x reader {Star vs the force...by ヘ(ಠエಠ)/🔪
in which Rigel Butterfly Lucitor the eldest child of star butterfly and Tom Lucitor meats a girl who is not like any other girl which is Y/n frost. she is the only daugh...
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Undertale Au's x reader and deltarune maybe lemon by galaxywolf808
Undertale Au's x reader and deltar...by MeganUwU
Oh god I'm full of regret but idfc so yay I shall do yandere and lemon of course:p get ready for the skele dicks (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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RWBY  x Male reader by RedForShoe
RWBY x Male readerby NotFallen
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DR Smut Shots (og on ao3) by nbcoffeeaddict
DR Smut Shots (og on ao3)by Koshin
Smut shots of Danganronpa. Requests are closed for right now. Welcome to hell, you horny bastards.
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Because He Jumped(VMin) by RapMonnieDance
Because He Jumped(VMin)by N!kk!
I'm Sorry, I promise I won't stalk you ever again. You won't even see me at all around school no more. I'll be far away from you, the school....... and life. [Started:...
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BBS one-shots by Nerocactus
BBS one-shotsby chicken nugget
Cactus: This is a book about BBS one-shots. Theres not much to it but we will do one-shots we both like and rare ships (not popular). I hope you all enjoy. Nero: Eyy. Ma...
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Until we finally meet~Jaden hossler by AlejandraCALDERAMARQ
Until we finally meet~Jaden hosslerby Alejandra CALDERA MARQUES 6EME
Sequel to the books "shouldn't have~~Jaden Hossler" and "until we meet again ~~Jaden Hossler" by @marijwuana who now goes by @peachyyzi. So go reads...
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I Will Never Betray You by jaydog699
I Will Never Betray Youby Vin You
Krist grew up in orphanage til he was eighteen. He wasn't force to leave but he didn't want stay there to be burden to the place he called home for 16 years but they bar...
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twilight ♡gif♡ imagines by pinkismycolor
twilight ♡gif♡ imaginesby makaela meadows
This is imagines of the twilight characters i will be putting y/n bt if u want a imagine request it :)♡♡ love yall
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SEVENTEEN's 14th Member by Light_demon29
SEVENTEEN's 14th Memberby Yoon_Nao_Choi_Lee♥︎
Park Min Nao; A simple kind girl, kinda small in height but big in heart. She is a happy-go-lucky person which always smiles. But, she enters a new chapter. She audition...
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Hetalia One Shots by kikuhondaislife
Hetalia One Shotsby LT
Hetalia One Shots
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Sally Face Oneshots by BonsaiXz
Sally Face Oneshotsby BonsaiXz
I noticed that there weren't that many Sally Face Oneshots or atleast, those that were completed. So, I decided to make one!
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Addicting Must Reads On  Wattpad by Sarcastic_kitten12
Addicting Must Reads On Wattpadby 𝒜𝓇𝒾
You're out of books to read, aren't you? Of course, you are or else you wouldn't be here.... silly me..... Well, these books have kept me up at night and have had me rea...
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DC Smut  by HarleyQueen51
DC Smut by HarleyQueen51
DC mostly Harley smut
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Another one of me (twilight, the vampire diaries and the originals) by VictoriaStewart276
Another one of me (twilight, the v...by Victoria Stewart
(Completed) Bella is Elena Gilbert's sister and when Klaus find this out Bella will be in trouble. Read to find out what will happen through out the story.
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Transformers One Shots [ Requests Closed/ Under Editing ] by NeganIsACat
Transformers One Shots [ Requests...by TunaFish The Cats Meow😺
° I don't own Tf, Tfa, TFP, TFRID. Only plots see ya °
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Newsies  Oneshots by theflashrocks254
Newsies Oneshotsby theflashrocks254
These are some Newsies oneshots. Just comment on which Newsie you want. I do Y/n, so don't give me your name, just give me the Newsie's name a...
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