Chapter 6 : Unsteady faint.

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Kidnapped by a Vampire? 

Chapter 6 : Unsteady faint.

Recap: I felt the place spin around, ''Wha-what's happening to me?'' I slowly asked, as I felt his eyes bore into mines.



Okay, to solve the confusion, of who the 'mystery guy' is, he was said one of the first characters after Scarlett, of course, i hadn't described him at that perfectly, because I wanted him to stay a more 'mysterious' and right person to be the 'mystery' guy, that he is in fact now, hope that solves the confusion to you all, I'm not giving names at the beginning, because it would ruin the whole 'mystic' basis, so time to read!, please do vote and comment, And here goes an early apology for I won't be updating as much as I'd want it to be, for I start school again tomorrow, I'm also sorry for not taking much advantage to the holiday to write, but I was mainly blocked, and couldn't write anything, sorry.


Scarlett's P.O.V.

I remembered slight flashbacks from the night I first saw him, him and his cold elegance, a vampire essence won over by beauty and grace, not that they're compliments thought of him, I'm just thinking them. The day which I was taken from a world were there would be no traces of my life, no loved ones, no one to remember, a nobody, invisible, it's so odd to say that that had just happened a while ago, several hours set back, from what my life used to be, a sad loner life, with the only friends i would gain, children of the hospital, which would be merely the only ones to even remember that I even existed, once their shoulder to cry on, their secret keeper, but then forgotten when they grow old, and I'd be most likely to be dead, hopefully I'll die of old age and not because my blood had been drained of.

He looked at me, as his slightly gray eyes with a rim of blue on the edges, watched me as I was there, pinned to the wall, still with no answer to my question.

He slowly started to speak, ''This happens when a vampire is thirsty, if he or she, decides not to drink it's preys blood, it can kiss its prey as the thirst will go away, it's not completely quenched as how blood would, but it helps it to disappear for a certain amount of time, blood helps us stay okay for about five months and two weeks, a kiss helps us stay okay for five weeks and two days, it's all the same but less period of time, it also depends on how long was the kiss, the time that a vampire, said myself, will not feel thirsty,'' he paused scanning my eyes for understanding, I nodded my head, and he continued, ''Our was about 7 minutes or so, I'll be okay, but you...'' he trailed off.

I what?!

''What's gong to happen to me?'' I asked trying hard to keep my cool, and not asphyxiate him right there in the spot.

''No-nothing, your just going to blackout, or in a better way to say it...fall into a deep sleep for the same amount of minutes, but in hours'' he said quickly, definitely not wanting to waste time.

''What?! But I'm hungry...the last thing I ate was popcorn!! Do you hear me, I'm starving, yeah yeah, your doing fine, while I'm going to 'sleep' unwillingly with an empty stomach, I ha plans for gods sake!'' I said frustrated, as my plan to sabotage Damon had gone to a deathly waist, a said way to put it.

''Don't worry...'' he said as he piked me up bridal style, as though I was light as feather, which I know I'm clearly not, I'm not most certainly fat, but I'm not that light.

I gave him a weird look, for as to why he was picking me up, only good thing I know had my arms in fool liberty, and I was safe from ever touching the ground, ''You have to be in bed, I'll excuse you with Damon, you'll be awake by tomorrow, I think in time for lunch, so don't worry'' he said softly as he opened my almost open door, and layed me on my now bed, a silky covered warm bed with an decorative black shade of colors that all matched to a engraved symbol on the sheets, which most likely would be an royal type of symbol, that I had also seen engraved onto Trudy's uniform, he took off my shoes and placed the comforter over me.

How nice!

Yeah, he should be after raping my poor mouth i the middle of the hall.

''Um, could you not turn off the lights, I'm not that fond of the darkness'' I shyly said as I curled myself into a ball.

''Yeah, sure and to answer your earlier unsaid question,'' he paused, ''Our hair turns 'red' when we're thirsty'' he said putting air quotes around 'red'.

''Blood red'' I corrected.

''Wow, your becoming a vampire expert in no time!'' he sarcastically exclaimed, jackass.

''Yeah, I am, now night, I'm being urged to night world tunnel landia, at the moment'' I said as I felt my eyes grow even more heavier and my body more relaxed and tired-like.

I closed my eyes, battling on to not fall asleep, and stay awake, I heard something like a distant muffle and then the door slowly losing.

''She's definitely the one'' I heard a distant voice whisper, as the deep sleep took over my body.

Third P.O.V.(Me!^_^)

As sleep took over Scarlett's body, plans were being done for the awakening of the glacier stone, the one that would increase time, making it a fast forward to any time they desired, as of they the king of the north kingdom and the south, both kingdoms were divided into two millenniums ago, for it was once a kingdom, but when king James had twins, it was hard to name the next heir to the crown even though he had fought to decide to name his son Vlad(Vladimir) to be the one chosen, Chris(Christopher) had gotten angered by his fathers foolish decision, so ever since both of his children fought over the crown, fighting and plotting on each others failure, once braking their strong bond over power.

His father, on his last day of life, got fed up with his sons foolish behavior, and decided to divide his kingdom into two halves, the North Empire and the South Empire, the divided Kingdom faced lots of struggle, for their people could not decide on which side to go, it was all a struggle, but times have changed and now they are once more fighting over the future of who will win the absolute power, most mainly whose son will be the one to gain all power, Damon or Luke.

''Is the girl here?'' asked king Vlad, father of Damon.

''Yes, your majesty'' answered one of the members of the council, Kent.

''But, does prince Damon know about it?'' asked Creighton, the kings left hand in power.

''No, and he better stay that way, for it will be better for it to stay a secret and the prophecy to finally come'' answered the king, his voice filled with power ad greatness.

''But, your maje-'' Creighton interfered, but the king cut him off.

''Silence, that's how it shall be done, and that's how it'll be'' ordered the king as his voice echoed around the still chamber.

''Yes, your majesty'' he answered as he settled back into his seat.

As silence took over, the king got up and headed to his study, to where he would plan his next move, he knew perfectly that his brother knew about his plan and was too intending on winning, he knew that his nephew was also in his grounds, but he felt the urge to laugh of their stupid decision to just hand up the girl, when they knew she was the one, the one that carried the moon's sign on her lower back, the mark of the gifted one, the one who would decide who would be next in complete power of the kingdom, just how the mad witch had predicted, even though she is said to be nuts, everyone in the kingdom and both sides, knew that whatever came out of her mouth, was filled with pure truth.

'Just need the stone to work to get to the goal faster', thought the king.

To be Continued...... 


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