My only Wonder Guy

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I, I, I

guess that I love you

you, you, you

told me the 3 words

so, so, so

let's get together

yes, yes, yes

I'm being honest

don't, don't, don't

think that I'm lying

'cause, 'cause, 'cause

I think that I love you

lets, lets, lets

just go and party

all night long

until we can't any more

no, no, no

I'm not the wild kind

but, but, but

I feel like it now

so, so, so

go on and please me


just do what I want


you know you love me


I love you too, babe


I'm being weird right now


don't know if everything

go' be O. K.


don't test my attitude


forget you said it first

'cause tonight gon-na

be the best

of my life

don't deny

our love, babe...


I know you meant it though


are the best in this world

you, you, you....

are my only one


never say Bye to me...

and always stay here

with me

every night

cheesy, is what I like in you

don't be like those other guys...

you, you, you

my only wonder guy

the on that makes fall


who picks me up at school

you, you, you

know I can't lie

to, to, you...

my piece of muffin love

my only wonder guy

my only wonder guy

guy, guy, guy

my only wonder guy

guy, guy, guy

I love you, babe

I was singing this one to my imaginary whoever, so that's all I'm saying, please vote and comment telling what you think


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