My eyes as yours. -Poem for Haiti- HELP THEM PLEASE!

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My eyes as yours. 

A Poem by: LolaLovise 

For: Haiti.

I look upon the streets, 

it's seems so surreal, 

it happened so far, 

but so near, 

it happened like it wasn't even clear. 

Look around the crumbles, 

my past, my life, my home. 

Thrown, crashed, and destroyed, 

my home, my life 

just hidden beneath the crumbles, 

the crumbles of my life 

I see it in your eyes 

it's my life as your own, 

can you feel my pain? 

Or will it take more for you to see, 

the great suffer I receive? 

My brothers, my sisters, 

are missing, where have they been? 

Are they safe, are they coming? 

Are they even alive or dead? 

Is this real, am I dreaming? 

A nightmare it must be, indeed. 

Tell me lies, joke to me, 

let it just be some odd fantasy. 

It's not real, or yes it is? 

Make me believe 

make me see 

I know this will, it'll be gone 

just help me now. 

I'm right there,  

don't you hear me cry? 

I've seen you, felt you, 

why can't you find me? 

I screamed it out to you, 

''I'm here!, I'm here!'' 

You still can't see me, 

Should I do something else,  

I haven't eaten in days 

My stomach fights with me,  

as I try and survive under here,  

will you find me? 

Will I live? 

I feel your eyes once again, 

I feel you searching for me,  

you can see me 

it brings joy and hope to me. 

I'm injured, and it feels, 

my arm and legs, 

they can't seem to please, 

the pain just comes, never leaves, 

but I wish for it to seize. 

My eyes are yours, 

with them you'll see, 

pain and suffering, 

please let it end 

you are my guide, 

my holy angel, 

my god, my life. 

I feel some hope,  

it vanishes again,  

you still can't hear me, my cries, 

the become less audible, 

less you hear, 

less I'm here, 

My life by a thread,  

beneath the shreds, 

beneath it all, 

it seems like hell, 

will it ever end? 

The suffering and pain, 

the tears the deaths, 

the kills the horror, 

yours and mines, 

ours and all's, 

will it ever end? 

A dream, I can't 

it brings hope so near, 

so distant, so clear. 

My dreams are shallow, 

I can't seem to see, 

my life seems to disappear,  

as I hear a sudden sound 

Is it you? 

Have you come for me once more? 

Will you find me? 

Are you here? 

Can you hear me mumble your name? 

''I'm here!, I'm here!" 

I yell for you once more, 

don't know for sure,  

but I just hope so, 

that I live to thank you, 

a smile, a hug, some love 

I miss those thoughts 

no cares, no pain, 

just troubles, all the same. 

Can you hear me? 

Can you see me? 

I give you my eyes, as your own,  

so you can see into my soul,  

and find this paining girl.

I hope you guys like it, it just came to me, hope it's better now.

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