Chapter 5 : Death kiss.

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Kidnapped by a Vampire?! And I'm the peace offering?! 

Chapter 5 : Death kiss.


''Are you okay?'' I asked him softly.

He turned around, and I was like 'no way!'.

''Ru-ru-run!'' he said fiercely.

''Huh?'' I asked confused, run for what, is he.........thirsty? For my.......blood?

''AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!'' I screamed as I ran to my room, but unfortunately, I didn't make it, he was already in front of me.

Now I'm dead. 



Scarlett's P.O.V.

From the moment he stood in front of me, I actually thought I was done for it, and was pretty much up for a heaven spot, if I'm worthy of it, I don't think I've done anything 'bad' or 'cruel' in all my life, well, yet.

He stood right in front of me, he went right to my neck, and I obviously immediately, begged for my life, ''Please don't hut me'' I said softly really afraid that he would just ignore me and go right to it, he looked away from my neck and into my pleading eyes, for a brief second.

A gasp slipped out of my lips, when he crushed his lips on mines, instead of going right to my neck and drinking out the life out of me.

As though an instinct, I kissed back, placing my arms around his neck, and intertwining my fingers on to the ends of his hair.

What am I doing?

This is so wrong!

But why can't I stop?

I s this some sick weird dream?

The kiss was definitely to die for, it was different, lust filled, but not on the love or sexual matter of relation, it was distinct, definitely, it was more of like a need, as though live or die, a last resource to stay alive, go mad or sane.

So many ways to put it, but one that is there to be shown, I really want to know why I feel pulled to him, like there's no stopping me in some sort.

I felt lightheaded after a couple of minutes, still kissing, I needed to breath, and yo want to know something, this is almost like my first real kiss, I've kissed one guy before, and that was my ex-boyfriend, and he was like into the kissing/making out sessions a lot, and mainly because of that I broke it off, and haven't dated since, I was planning on getting myself educated and published into the business area, finishing all my university studies, but seeing as I got kidnapped I am abruptly not able to do that here, as I'm being kept captive, treated in all words matters, as a toy, a piece of living flesh used to replenish their needs, just a mere toy a rag doll, this is so not what I have dreamt about, this is so not what i expected my life to come forth to, it's nothing close to what I've desired.

I still felt the need of breathing urgently, like right now!

I tried to pull apart, but he then quickly pinned me to the was, deepening the kiss even more, just great! Just what I wanted, to get my mouth raped as soon as I fell my kindness to be abused in a twisted odd way, that's what I get for wanting to be nice and for being a big curious kitty.

I scowled at my actions, and tried to set free from his grasp, plus kissing perfection, those books where definitely right about how gorgeous vampires were, with their seductive divine-ness, incredible poise and such, it makes me sick to the bone that it all really in fact was real, and not some silly imagined creature from the mind of a human being, wanting to express their soulful imagination of a creature feared and idolized by us, us humans, changing little facts as of their blood love, to writing fictitious romances, and or either horror stories about them, one question deep in thought, can they love? Just like written in paper, mind and soul, can they be able to love, love each other and be capable to sacrifice their desire to kill for blood as a reason of love incomplete? Is it possible? Maybe yes, maybe not? We'll someday know, if not it has already been proven...

Being pinned to the wall, was the only thing helping me to stay on my feet, for if his hold on me wasn't kept, I'd be on the floor, probably out cold, I just feel really exhausted at the moment.

I felt as though the life was being sucked out of me, or in a way of speech, kissed out of me, and I couldn't help but kiss back, even though I definitely want to stop right away.

As though on cue, he parted his lips from mine, finally, still holding me to the wall, pinned, I felt extremely exhausted, what did he do to me?

I looked down, trying to get out of his gaze, I know he knows what I'm thinking, so why bother.

I wanted to help, so it is my fault, curiosity definitely killed the cat.

He placed his index finger under m chin, bringing it up so I would be looking at him, his hair went back to normal, and ivory black, but why was it blood red before?

I felt the place spin around, ''Wha-what's happening to me?'' I slowly asked, as I felt his eyes bore into mines.

To be Continued! 


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