The Alphas Unknown Daughter (Completed) by W0nd3rful-Dr3ams
The Alphas Unknown Daughter ( W0nd3rful-Dr3ams
Two teenagers, a party and the unmistakeable mate pull but what happens when it follows with a steamy night and a rejection the next day? What happens when you discover...
  • pregnancy
  • teen
  • teenagepregnancy
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The Beach House by Reekles
The Beach Houseby Beth Reeks
**This is a novella to my book The Kissing Booth, but if you don't mind some spoilers, feel free to read on regardless!** It's summer, and for Rochelle and her best frie...
  • deep
  • kiss
  • sculpture
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My Broken, Mute Mate (Completed)  by ChicagoDreams
My Broken, Mute Mate (Completed) by 1-800-273-8255
Highest Rank: #3 in werewolf He looks over everyone, inhaling deeply, trying to pick out a scent. "She's here," he whispered with a smile. He walked through th...
  • wattys2017
  • heartbreak
  • lies
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Ex of the Mafia by teenagewriter123
Ex of the Mafiaby K.D.
Caution First story on Wattpad so, excuse errors or mistakes Abrielle is thought she had the husband of her dreams but, that turned out wrong when she found him and his...
  • alessandro
  • romance
  • jealousy
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Dangerously in Love by chocolatenurples
Dangerously in Loveby chocolatenurples
Tall, muscular, brown hair, piercing blue eyes, and covered in tattoos from head to toe... literally. Nicholas Hight is a billion dollar playboy with an addiction for s...
  • surprise
  • interracial
  • stephenjames
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Clumsy Is My Middle Name!!! by Enticing_Romantic
Clumsy Is My Middle Name!!!by EnticingRomantic
#1 in CLUMSY (23.06.18) #1 in SWEETHEART (03.08.18) #2 in NICKNAMES (17.06.18) #21 in FIRSTLOVE (05.08.18) #322 in ROMANCE(24.04.18) Meet Grace. Simple definition of dis...
  • billionaire
  • clumsy
  • firstlove
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After The Ink (revised) // Wattys 2018 by The_Dreamer_10
After The Ink (revised) // B.D. Fresquez
[Revised Version] [ONGOING] Lacey Evans seems to have it all: parents who love her, a best friend who is always there for her, and a boyfriend who might be the one. Then...
  • cheating
  • wattys2018
  • youngadult
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Granger Family Reunion by slytherinxpride
Granger Family Reunionby slytherinxpride
Hermione Granger is now a successful and beautiful business woman. Her cousins think otherwise because they haven't seen her in 20 years. Husband, money and kids. Surpri...
  • glowup
  • gryffindor
  • cousin
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The Girl In The Hoodie by Gikat14
The Girl In The Hoodieby Aella Shabina Luna
Andrea was abused and raped when she turned 15. She left California-her hometown- and moved to Scotland, in order to learn how to fight back from the spite and malice of...
  • goodgirlgonebad
  • badisnewgood
  • wattys2017
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Surprise Surprise by Alex_Nico
Surprise Surpriseby ᥑᥣᥱᥱx
- Jeszcze się spotkamy - zapewniła.
  • ff
  • camilacabello
  • kariera
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Smile (A Soarindash Fanfic) by Rainny_Bolt
Smile (A Soarindash Fanfic)by Captain awesome
Rainbowdash is known to be trouble, all her friends never lasted with her! She's the mare who is known to kick colts's ass! the once innocent cheery filly who became the...
  • flashsentry
  • chrysalis
  • flashmagnus
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Arranged marriage  by IvaJancec
Arranged marriage by Iva Jancec
"We have to talk" I started. "You think?" he raised his eyebrowes. "I'm sorry for everything I said yesterday." "Why? You meant what y...
  • loss
  • disappointment
  • wattys2017
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The bad boys good girl by XxNarnianQueenxX
The bad boys good girlby Sunflowers
Hunter Hayes is your average school badass. Always picking a fight with someone and acting out. Despite having all the girls drool over him he still secretly wants that...
  • rivals
  • project
  • cute
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Living with the Bad Boy by _graceeeeeee_
Living with the Bad Boyby ❣️Grace❣️
Alec Parker is the school's bad boy. He takes no crap and is known for getting into fights. Mya Rivers is the good girl at the school. She gets good grades and never ge...
  • suspense
  • goodgirl
  • romance
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 I Will Protect You by HedgieGirlShadow-Kun
I Will Protect Youby Burnin' Chaos
In this story Sonic and Shadow were very close childhood friends, but one day Sonic just vanished out of thin year everyone thought he died and that was the end of thing...
  • tramatized
  • sonadow
  • secrets
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Teacher's Pet  by lovewriteread
Teacher's Pet by Angela
It's the last year for Alex Reid. The last year for the soccer player to make here mark at the high school level. The last year of stress and teenage gossip. The last y...
  • seniors
  • badteacher
  • surprise
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Manik Weds? {✔} by ManikxNandini
Manik Weds? {✔}by Nivedita Bose
Manik atlast liked a girl but only due to his parents. Warna toh! He Dont give a damn to girls. That means! He still didn't fell for a girl? Or did he?
  • nandini
  • surprise
  • manik
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The Unexpected Surprise(Camren) by ArianaGrandeBabe
The Unexpected Surprise(Camren)by Möönlight Bäë
All credit goes to author
  • allyhernandez
  • surprise
  • unexpected
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Meeting Baby Daddy by thisgirlgabby
Meeting Baby Daddyby gabby
Aviana Morgan has always dreamed of having a child, even if it meant raising it on her own. After reaching the age of 26 and still being single, she decides to have a b...
  • girl
  • justwriteit
  • love
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The Kissing Booth 2: Noah we are... by MickaylaForever22
The Kissing Booth 2: Noah we Mickayla 💖
Elle Evans and Noah Flynn are just a happy couple. Then the break-up and Lee, to meet at the hospital for the first time In months and then the make out and the crying...
  • wattys2018
  • surprise
  • mybesfriendsbrother
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