The Black Cat by Timber_Wolfe15
The Black Catby Wolfe🐺
The black cat, know to cause bad luck. The Black cat, is an evil spirit, that only few people can see. This creature causes its user extreme bad luck. The cat itself sta...
  • cat
  • friendship
  • pain
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Pain by NaSsSsSsor
Painby NaSsSsSsor
Just a little something
  • pain
  • poem
My Boss And I by acociynna
My Boss And Iby BobOngz
  • billionaire
  • pain
  • generalfiction
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Locked in Love  by x__lydia
Locked in Love by Lydia
I felt like writing something based on my own experiences, from pain to something beautiful, this is my story.
  • pain
  • smile
  • findinghim
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A Rainy Day by i_am_a_black_girl
A Rainy Dayby i_am_a_black_girl
Kunle Lasisi is a successful young man whose life got miserable after the death if his fiancee and after he got fired,he lost all he had in the twinkle of an eye. Chioma...
  • proudlynigerian
  • pain
  • ibadan
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We told you not to paint by MiraHarlson
We told you not to paintby Ugomma
Manuel was the best painter in his town, possibly the world. His paintings were so magical it left him scared. But his father did not want him to paint. The thought of M...
  • marriage
  • angst
  • catholic
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Pain by user93902245
It's about a girl who wishes people could notice her someday without her stressing
  • segregation
  • loneliness
  • pain
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I Found Music In You by jagalskardigyannah
I Found Music In Youby yannah
Istorya ng dalawang taong pinag hiwalay ngunit pilit pinagtatagpo ng tadhana Istoryang binuo ng kulay ng musika Istorya ng isang babaeng nangangarap At istorya ng isang...
  • love
  • comedy
  • kulog
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Miraculous (Band au) by TheEmoFreak29
Miraculous (Band au)by Anastasia
Four high school kids Marinette, Adrien, Alya and Nino find a lost music room in the school and make their own band named "Miraculous", and when they do a cove...
  • catnoir
  • dreams
  • wishes
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The Hellish Revenge by PainLoveAgony
The Hellish Revengeby PainLoveAgony
You took all away from me and now I'm here to take all away from you so be ready for my HELLISH REVENGE
  • agony
  • revenge
  • bxb
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Aleesha's diary by mabzay
Aleesha's diaryby mabzay
Living as aleesha has not been easy,there is so much pain,struggles,fights in aleesha's life ...........
  • hustle
  • fights
  • truelife
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human by PriceJoe
humanby PriceJoe
Člověk - krásná schránka, která ale uvnitř skrývá mnoho tajemství. Pojďme si je všechny rozebrat. Všechny ty temné kouty, bez nichž by byli všichni stejní.
  • darkness
  • hope
  • happiness
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Even From A Distance  by MysteryInTheMagic
Even From A Distance by MysteryInTheMagic
Short story written by a girl about the unsaid relationship she had with a guy with whom she never met, they just talked on phone calls and texting and on the account of...
  • dissapointments
  • anger
  • emotionalrollercoaster
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Saddest Birthday Gift Ever by Crazy_Kemeru
Saddest Birthday Gift Everby Hyuna_WP
"This is the most painful birthday ever."
  • saddestgift
  • pain
  • hatred
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Feeling For My Heart by Mo0n_AiRies_011
Feeling For My Heartby SJBautista
When life takes your heart away, stay strong. When fate plays you in its wicked hands, play along. When everyone turn their backs on you, stay good. But when fate and li...
  • family
  • pain
  • heartless
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ALWAYS YOU by RikkaMae
ALWAYS YOUby Rikka Mae
A story of love, regrets and pain
  • pg
  • love
  • pain
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Love, Hurt, Pain, Healed by daffodil43
Love, Hurt, Pain, Healedby trynabreathe
  • life
  • hurt
  • healed
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Sidelines | ✧ by midnightmaiden28
Sidelines | ✧by zari
in which a girl loved a boy who loved someone else. - warning(s); underage smoking, drinking & sexual themes. reader discretion is advised.
  • acceptance
  • crush
  • pain
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