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≥ "Kidnapped by a Vampire?! And I'm the peace offering?!"≤

(~Vampire Facts, of my own, all coming out of my head and some just that I'd prefer to stick to.~)

[{-F A C T S-}



∞There are two ways to control it:

•The normal way-Blood drinking.

•Or the second almost harmless alternative-A kiss.

∞The dangers of both ways:

•The normal way:

›Said person or victim can die if over feeding.

›That person could experience irregularities for a whole month if bitten on the wrong area; For Example: the leg, arm, elbow, etc.

∞The right places on feeding the normal way are:

®The wrist 

®The neck 

®And other similar areas near those.

•The alternative:

›The hibernation side effect depends on the period of time, of how long was the kiss.

›If kissed for two long, said person or victim can die during their state of sleep.

›The kisses intentions also depend, if it is done in for consideration of said persons life, that person gets their time capsule sleep shortened by a bit, a mere 2 hours in total; if the intentions have an evil background, with less consideration to said victim, that poor person might die a minute after the kiss.

›Love involved in the kiss makes no hibernation side effect to occur.


∞Emotions and Feelings:

•Their emotions and feelings (almost the same thing, but not in this case) are expressed through facial stuff, but not that accurate, hair and eyes are involved, and at times (with female vampires) emotions are mostly all shown through the color of their nails, that would constantly change with what they are feeling.

›Thirst; hair turns into a blood red tint when their thirst to big to bare.

›Hate; eyes (pupils), turn a very dark shade of their own color, but when really mad, they turn completely black.

›Color identification (what to avoid at all costs); if you are near a vampire and he suddenly has shockingly yellowish orange neon eyes (they glow in the dark), I'd hide or run, better yet hide, don't run, it just makes their instincts fire up more than they have to. Why? When their eyes turn this color, it's caused when they are loaded from too much stress and worries, so their body and mind shuts down in a way, and their inner instincts partially take over, it is at great risk to stay in view to them at the moment; their powers subsidize to their primitive way, when they didn't know how to 'read minds', so they stick to thee usual, 'teleportation', 'super speed' etc.

›Gray eyes; it is either them reading your mind, or are in a mental communication with another one of their species.

›Mind reading; it has the similarity of grey eyes, but it's just on the edge of their eyes, so their eyes don't show that well when they are reading someone's mind.


•Super hearing.

•Super speed.



•The power to make someone be under your complete spell.

•Seducing powers.

•The power to allure their victims to them, and not them to their victims. 

[That is by all vamps, as so as the other powers.]

→Aging process:




•Middle aged, etc.

∞Their aging process, stops completely at their early stages of a complete adult (18 years of age), and it doesn't change I looks at all, their true age, which isn't shown completely, just shows by the color of their hair, and their skin slightly pales even more, they get this elegant glow, but that happens most when they are at their mid '40's' look, which doesn't show facially but on their hair, it turns a slight grayish, but it first goes in strikes and so, but when one their years close to 'death' their hair is completely white, which shows that they've got 20 more years of life, before their final death.

→Alternative ways to die:

•They can die if they drink their own blood mixed with an un-pure (someone who is of mixed races, Example; Vampire and Werewolf, etc.).


›Mushroom poison.

•Direct exposure to sun:

›Not covered properly.

›If not sun, fire.

›Near a barricade of sun lilies. They could kill a vampire if they are too near a patch.


∞Death kiss.

•Similar to the thirst kiss controller, but it is done by the ones who do not know how to do the regular, and proper way, to kiss their victim; mainly done on purpose, victim dies right after the kiss; the victims blood becomes poisonous after they die of this cause.

∞Love kiss.

•If the kiss is filled with love, said person shall be concealed in a tight bond, that can be only broken if another vampire kisses said person the same way, making said person be in some sort of Love spell. Though it can be broken, it's hard to do, for if someone with selfish reasons tries to break it, they might all die. That is, including the first vampire, the victim, and the jealous vampire.

∞Spell kiss.

•Is a kiss done to control their victim into a calm death; done from pacifist vampires that hate feeding on humans. Or done to mainly control said person into making them believe whatever they say or do; mostly done to force said person into love.

©2010 ⋆ℒℴℓa ℒℴvise⋆; All mine, came all from my imagination filled mind.

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