Story Idea: Say Hello to the Sunshine..

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I'm thinking of writing a new story, title below, I'm writing part now, don't think It'll be out today, maybe some day this week? not sure, I'm supposed to not use it on 'school days' but somehow, I'll sneak in and get it uploaded soon, maybe tomorrow or on Tuesday, no promises, because they always turn on me.


Say Hello to the Sunshine, and be Welcomed to MY life.....


[ON HOLD] Eli has been mistreated most of her life by her cruel mother. Then one day, she finds out that she is to leave with this so called Ryan dude, who's to wed her. When in reality she was practically bought as a slave. Practically.

What happens when she finds more and more about Ryan, and gets to find out about his sister Luci, who seems to have more than a sisterly love towards Ryan.

Will things end up being a better day into her sarcastically not sunny life?

Yeah, lets all hope that she makes it through this sane.

--Yeah, not much of a description, but I really don't even remember what this is all about..Shame on me. :/

Okay...That was so not what I intended, so here goes the Synopsis, m'kay.


Eli's life has been turned into a whole loop sided effect, since the day of her dad's 'death', her abusive mother didn't make her early developing life any better, but when things twist up, and she changes from the worst to better, comes along Ryan, that only has best to hope, for his love to her, is greater than she thinks. Will she understand before it's too late?

[The ^^ Synopsis is also on another page with the other stories synopsis']


Do you think you would like to read it, if yes, please comment private/or not, whatever is your will, I'm just here waiting for your opinion, after all, like in stores, 'the costumer is always right', meaning as the fellow readers that pay ye their time to read peaces of someones imagination coming to life written in lullaby-like words, that spread their most internal thoughts being shared with, many,many people, sometimes even thousands or millions of fellow readers, that are too, writers themselves, after they get inspiration after reading various master pieces, from others.  

Yup, that's super fun, to be either the reader or the writer, and even better when your both.

Comment, and tell me if I should start, just want a little say of you behalf, and I'll try my best to return such kind actions back.


^^DO NOT pay attention to that 'little' rant I got myself into, the first time I actually thought of it, okay?

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