Never Let Go by little_dreamer27816
Never Let Goby little_dreamer
Leelah Montessory was set up for adultery by her husband's best friend. And everyone seemed to believe him. Rejected and abandoned by her family, she leaves without tell...
  • love
  • let
  • child
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The Truth About Mommy (Mommy's House Sequel) by z0mbies
The Truth About Mommy (Mommy's Hou...by z0mbies
(MOMMY'S HOUSE SEQUEL, CONTAINS SPOILERS) An officer named James is working on the case of a deranged woman who kidnapped three children. Through consistent searching an...
  • truth
  • bella
  • psycho
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Aaron | Dark #3 by Dreamerse
Aaron | Dark #3by Ira
When Chloe Collins gets her dream job as prison guard in one of the biggest jails in California, she realises she will be working with some of the most dangerous crimina...
  • possessive
  • obsession
  • jealousy
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Capture (Book 1 in the Wolfen Brethren Series) by Layla-A-D
Capture (Book 1 in the Wolfen Bret...by Layls_
In the year 2890 the planet earth has been overturned by supernatural species, werewolves to be exact. The revelation of a race other than humanity came with it the impr...
  • alpha
  • strength
  • woman
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Goodnight n Go (Ariana/you) by sweetener817
Goodnight n Go (Ariana/you)by thank u, next
Part two of Borderline !
  • fancic
  • dangerous
  • arianagrandexreader
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because i'm in love with you / billie x you by chokeonadick
because i'm in love with you / bil...by Ell // ur papi
"Dance!" She shouted, I watched as she freely dispersed into the area, holding a drink in her hand and throwing her body around in an oddly fashion, but it was...
  • female
  • wattys2018
  • lesbian
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Sugar - A Collection of Poems by withfulloffence
Sugar - A Collection of Poemsby Mansi
"if i fed you spoonfuls of sugar would it make the bitterness in your heart leave" a collection. of poems. of stories. of poems telling stories of their own...
  • poems
  • feminity
  • wattpadforpoetry
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The 12th Kiss [completed] by Enterintomymind
The 12th Kiss [completed]by Tallara
"Cinderella had till midnight, I have twelve kisses to win back my prince's heart," John wants Metilda to end their marriage.He believes...
  • shortstory
  • marriage
  • wattys2016
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Her Saviour - Under Editing by WatttLucy
Her Saviour - Under Editingby WatttLucy
"Miss Montgomery, you start at 8am tomorrow morning in my office, not a minute late. If you are as good as you say you are, I may just apologise", he spoke coc...
  • hot
  • romance
  • ceo
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The Mafia King and I by AnamariSolis
The Mafia King and Iby Anamari Solis
Danger can be so seductive. It makes a rush of excitement go through your body.....makes you crave it. Camilla Summers is a responsible and no-nonsense type of woman w...
  • female
  • woman
  • justwriteit
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Don't Let Me Go by sodamnrad
Don't Let Me Goby Shay
Dylan Hawthorne is the son and heir of a multi-billionaire business man. When his father comes up with a ludicrous arranged wedding, Dylan is determined to do anything t...
  • love
  • deal
  • billionaire
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On the throne as Godfather(BWWM book 2) by Starcrossed4ever
On the throne as Godfather(BWWM bo...by Starcrossed4ever
Samuel Mussolini Jr. has now taken over as Godfather. This is all that he has even wanted but without the love of his life , his life feels incomplete. Annabel Smith is...
  • wmbw
  • mob
  • man
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Take me Home by booklovertash
Take me Homeby Natasha
Jade Jennings has spent most her life in the army. After coming back from a tour overseas she expected to be welcomed by her loving fiancé. What she didn't expect was to...
  • sydney
  • alcoholism
  • tension
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Imperious. by XxNotTonightXx
Imperious.by Nia Ariel ♥️
In the new world of werewolves, where she-wolves are now in charge, Alpha Emilia has made a promise to herself. When her mother puts her trust in her mate and ends up de...
  • alpha-female
  • thewolfyyawards
  • woman
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Perfect by chanceisawriter
Perfectby Northcoast
Chloe Provan wakes up in a white padded room with no memory as of to how she's arrived here. Chains bind her to the wall, and from the looks of it, there's no way out. S...
  • cameras
  • chloe
  • woman
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Be Alright (Ariana/You) by chokeonadick
Be Alright (Ariana/You)by Ell // ur papi
'"Why are you staring at me?" i asked, very freaked out. "It's hard not to" She replied' After leaving her fiancé, Y/N meets Ariana. They instantly f...
  • imagines
  • arianagrande
  • romance
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Fatal Temptation (Tattoo Series #1: Layth's Lady) by RiosMorpheus
Fatal Temptation (Tattoo Series #1...by Sleepy Sea
She is his fatal temptation Layth's Lady (Tattoo Series #1) Other title: Fatal Temptation Written by: RiosMorpheus
  • marriage
  • generalromance
  • arrangemarriage
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The Great Bandit ( #Wattys2016 ) by RDHayes
The Great Bandit ( #Wattys2016 )by R.D. Hayes
After years of pulling heist, the Great Bandit is caught. The judge discovers something different about her, and gives her an opportunity that most criminals would only...
  • superpowers
  • girl
  • memory
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One Starry Night by LovelySeptember
One Starry Nightby LovelySeptember
***Highest Rank: #1 ~7.03.18*** The night is bright with twinkling stars, teasing her. The pain is unbearable for Stella and she knew, it's time for her to stop and for...
  • starry
  • wattysph
  • jacob
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(Por que tu) Suga y tu [No editada] by BangtanPum
(Por que tu) Suga y tu [No editada]by Bangtan Pum ✨
Escrita en 2015 mala ortografía, probablemente eliminada. Sinopsis Suga un chico mujeriego ingreido mala persona ______(TN) una chica muy buena inteligente inocen...
  • yoongi
  • love
  • forever
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