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Is It Really Worth It? by zhlln1
Is It Really Worth It?by zhlln1
'Is it really worth risking getting caught and ruining my reputation?' Selena thought. 'All my friends are doing it so why can't I?' Torn between following her religion...
  • dating
  • sneeky
  • heart
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No one does it better. by Rivaisazombi3
No one does it Rivaisazombi3
''Nothing will become between us'' i said this as my best friend was leaving me to go where ever her alcholic mother was taking her. we're only 10 years old, and i felt...
  • one
  • dress
  • motorbikes
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The artest by ami_gratchet
The artestby ami_gratchet
A young artest gets invited to a worldwide commotion will she make it come on her journey around the world while she travels
  • artest
  • sneeky
  • travel
Family Is Not Forever by KaylieGoudreault
Family Is Not Foreverby KaylieGoudreault
Sometimes things happen that you can't help. My mother Cheryl was twenty four years old and my farther Alfred was twenty nine years old when they had gotten married. T...
  • unforgivable
  • sneeky
  • untrusting
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Sweetie Pi by JHAALDAZ
Sweetie Piby John Has Answered All Lives...
Meet the Smith Family. A family who owns not one, but two businesses. One being a bakery chain, and the other being a bank chain. This story is based on the youngest ch...
  • crazy
  • silly
  • funny
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3, 2, 1 demonic hearts {dead master fanfic} by LukaMegurinesMinion
3, 2, 1 demonic hearts {dead abz
you wouldnt bully a demon would you? 3 phones 2 demons 1 chance this is not a rip off of 4 3 2 1 the movie. wtf is that movie anyways?
  • demon
  • black
  • dead
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Little Wolf by DoneWithRealiy
Little Wolfby Felicity Aurum
Aurora Corazon turns into a flaming wolf. Cheshire Conbolt... Yes Conbolt as in Romeo and Makao... has cat reflexes and turns in invisible. These dynamic duo have reac...
  • badatmagic
  • 7yearslater
  • guild
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Simply A Letter by TheImperfectPiano
Simply A Letterby Amber
Notes and letters start appearing in random places. 'What is going to happen' I always wonder or worry about... The notes started appearing on one mysterious Thursday af...
  • confusing
  • thrilling
  • random
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Fresh Meat by highschooldiary
Fresh Meatby highschooldiary
I'm just a girl, living in a lonely world. Lets cut out the bullshit, we all want one thing. Have our secret crush like us back without making the first move. But that o...
  • love
  • highschool
  • summer
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The Beauty, The Brains, & The Beasts by AellaEvelon
The Beauty, The Brains, & The Elise Rene
Belle and Daniel fell in love with each other when they were younger, but a mishap happened and Belle forgot who Daniel was. When they run into each other in the present...
  • raven
  • heart
  • blood
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