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She's Broken by Lilohorse
She's Brokenby Kate
'Watching your brother go down for rape sounds like a difficult task, right? Try being the girl in the witness stand, the victim.' Most people ignore Kat Price and go s...
  • brother
  • teenfiction
  • normal
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Oh, Dakota. by Live2loveU
Oh, Dakota.by Megan
School’s finally out and Elijah wanted nothing more than for his band to play gigs at his father’s new Bar, and to continue to obsess over his school’s cheerleading capt...
  • bar
  • elijah
  • love
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Hailie-Storm: Rescue, Return and Revenge by PirateCaptainZero
Hailie-Storm: Rescue, Return and R...by Lauriann A. Comrie
**Wattpad Featured Story** Hailie has been on the run for five years from the very man she wants to kill. When the town she was staying in was attacked by pirates, Hai...
  • pirate
  • adventure
  • seafog
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Just the Highlights by tangles-
Just the Highlightsby Emma
Elliot and Julia have a complicated relationship. Since they met in the seventh grade, the only heart-to-heart conversations they've had have been strictly over text. Bu...
  • julie
  • love
  • youngadultreads
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Off to Neverland by MP13Girl
Off to Neverlandby McKenna
Ivy is a poor, misunderstood girl who isn't afraid to stick up for herself. The Lost Boys are four wealthy boys that are used to getting whatever they want. Mix them tog...
  • beast
  • jealous
  • prestigious
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An Artistic Duo by sprittals98
An Artistic Duoby Starts with an 'A'
Being the sister of a world famous vlogger gets hard, but every year Lace Carter gets to escape it all at the Harleen Art Camp. This place is her safe haven, the one pla...
  • summer
  • art
  • camp
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My Boyfriend is my Biggest Fear by summerfun9615
My Boyfriend is my Biggest Fearby SummerFun
Addison, 23, is getting ready to graduate from nursing school. Her whole life is in front of her and she can't wait to start her life with her boyfriend, Luke, but she i...
  • fiction
  • fear
  • niki
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Love Live x Reader (Request Closed) Re-writing in process by MyVin22
Love Live x Reader (Request Closed...by ChunTori
The title says it all, buddy. look at the title
  • hanamaru
  • dia
  • hanayo
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Crossing Boundaries by EmmaAnnHonsowetz
Crossing Boundariesby EmmaAnnHonsowetz
The past doesn't cease to catch up with us, no matter how happy we are, and it doesn't take prisoners; it takes lives. The past doesn't keep our secrets. The past doesn...
  • rush
  • cảm
  • pack
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【Awake】// Love Live x Reader oneshots by yokazex
【Awake】// Love Live x Reader onesh...by I put the d in die
"it felt like a dream" "but i was awake" A book in which a poor trash can shall do her very best to bring ya'll some Yuri oneshots. Requests are OPE...
  • honoka
  • yuri
  • oneshots
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Lovely (Krii7y) by Diallina
Lovely (Krii7y)by Dially
Isn't it Lovely All alone Heart made of glass My mind of stone Tear me to pieces Skin to bone Hello... welcome home {Used to be What they Don't Understand} {Artwork cr...
  • tobyonthetele
  • swagger
  • switzy
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Yuri Oneshots?? (X Reader) by RubicMaster
Yuri Oneshots?? (X Reader)by Twin
These are x reader yuri oneshots!
  • bulied
  • marco
  • annieleonhardt
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Breaking Boundaries by EmmaAnnHonsowetz
Breaking Boundariesby EmmaAnnHonsowetz
*Must read Enforcing Boundaries to understand* Everything in the world of werewolves is governed by rules, hierarchy, and boundaries. We have seen what it takes to enfo...
  • pilar
  • family
  • love
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I Wear Boys Underwear by patriciaannzee
I Wear Boys Underwearby Patricia Ann Zee
Austin loves football, there really is no going around that fact. So when her Powder-puff team is disbanded due to athletic budget cuts, she disguises herself as a boy n...
  • crossdressing
  • jared
  • heartbreak
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[Surreal] Lookism X Reader by AllBoutBoba
[Surreal] Lookism X Readerby b o b a
[Surreal] Lookism X Gamer Reader Produced by AllBoutBoba Proceed with game play? »[Yes] [No] -«[Description Loading...
  • lookism
  • jay
  • jinsungxreader
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Can Love Live in You? (Love Live Stories And Oneshots) by Miki_jr1
Can Love Live in You? (Love Live S...by Miki jr
Have you ever wondered how love felt? Let me show you. Hey!!! Everyone I am glad to be here, so yeah, my first book and is a oneshot one, be patient with me!! :D Genera...
  • hanayo
  • loveliveschoolidolproject
  • femalereader
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North, Dakota by FelicityKendra
North, Dakotaby FelicityKendra
Dakota is strong-willed and has never let her guard down since she was eighteen. First the guy she hoped to never see again is back... Second that guy is slowly coming i...
  • firstlove
  • complete
  • lostlove
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《Ms.Spine breaker》(lookism x oc)▶︎hiatus  by Kinata2937
《Ms.Spine breaker》(lookism x oc)▶︎...by INFIRES MAN,YEAH
A young female named Katherine Lee was nicknamed "Spine breaker".. why? Well ever since a accident that happened in middle school *SLOW UPDATES* ...
  • lookismneedsmorefanfics
  • danielpark
  • zoe
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Lookism One Shots by krypticgametress
Lookism One Shotsby Karma’s A Bitch
A collection of Lookism One-Shots! Feel free to comment, or PM requests. I can do reader inserts or even OCs, if you'd like! Enjoy! Also, it won't just be ships. There w...
  • yuri
  • yaoi
  • crystal
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Carry Me To The Moon by blissom
Carry Me To The Moonby paulina
Before leaving for college, Jackie makes a bet with her best friend that she can survive twenty-four hours saying yes to everything and anything -- it seemed doable, unt...
  • trip
  • teen
  • carry
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