'·..·'I'm Miss. Innocent Girl and he's Mr. Bad Boy, how did love come out of mid air?'·..·'[2]

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Chapter 2


♥Alex's P.O.V.♥


'I don't know why but it was hard for me to actually walk to the nurses office, my feet were on a strike or something going all giggly and stuff, I guess he noticed so he picked me up bridal style and layed me on the icy cold bed (number one reason why I don't like hospitals), and then sat down on the chair beside me, I guess he noticed that I was shivering because I was really cold (It's all that dang freezer beds fault) and he gave me his jacket, let me rephrase that his awesome leather jacket, yes the bad boy kind.'

-'Aww... that's so cute, of him'-

'But he could be one of those so famous man whores, womanizers you get the drill, we never know'

-'But he's so hot'-

'Well, I haven't noticed'

-'You haven't looked at him? Are you mad he's gorgeous, how can you not notice'-

'What kind of conscience are you, no advises, only caring of boys, boys, boys you perv.'

-'Do not'-

-'And I do help you, you just never listen'-

'Let's save this for when we get home, mkay?'

-'Yes, love'-

'Well, finally after the battle of my mind with Miss conscience, I was staring at the ceiling all this time and noticed the silence, I mean the awfully awkward silence so I guess I kinda went on my world, and felt really sleepy.'

''I'm so sleepy, thanks'' were my last words with a short lazy yawn, before I fell asleep.

Yeah, you might of guessed it I fell asleep as soon as I felt all warm and fine inside.




*This is what Adrian's leather jacket looks like*


♥Adrian's P.O.V.♥


'As I just remembered that I didn't get my textbooks, I got op as quick as a rocket and opened the door in a flash hoping to get my hands on them books, but to my suprise I opened the door a little to quick without looking, and hit someone.'

-'Ouch, that' gotta hurt'-


'Ooh.. god, I'm so sorry I didn't see you there'' was the only thing I said when I noticed it was a girl, who I've never seen, probably new?

''Are you alright?'' I said as I was helping her up.

'She had a silly face on, like she was looking at stars going around her head or something, odd right?'

-'Don't you mean cute'-

'Shut up'

'I took her to the nurses office, just to make sure I didn't cause any unknown damages, don't want to get in trouble especially on the first day, do we?'

'When we were at the N's O. I put her on the bed, yeah if ya didn't know I carried her bridal style, well she kept walking like she was drunk or something and was almost 'bout to fall so yeah.'

'I laid her on the bed, and sat on the chair beside her, it was so quiet I might go super insane, so I went on to my little world and started thinking a bit.'

'Ooh... my god I can't believe I actually knocked a girl and almost caused her a concussion, maybe a little slap would make me see like for real, no a pinch is better.'

-'You suck, man' -

'No I don't, for what?'

-'The part that you knocked a door on a girl'-

'As a matter of fact, it was an accident'

-'Well, you should be more careful, then'-

'Yeah yeah yeah, whatever'

'Well, after my awesome chat with Mr. C was over I had to look at the bright side to this and the bright side of this incident I get to miss first and second period, I'm liking this girl already, well even though it wouldn't hurt.'

'Remembering about her I looked over at were she was, and she was just looking at the ceiling but she shivered a bit signaling that she was cold, being the awesome guy I am I took off my leather jacket off (My favorite jacket, actually, I've never taken it off before and given it to someone , wait what am I doing?) and placed on her so she could get war.'

'I guess she was sleepy cause she just said:'

''I'm so sleepy, thanks'' were her last words with a short lazy yawn, before she fell asleep.

''Your Welcome?'' is what I said a bit confused, thanks for what?

'For a possible bruise or bump on her forehead, she's kinda weird.'


......To Be Continued......


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