Halfa in Hogwarts    by DarkOneTAS
Halfa in Hogwarts by Dixon_FanZ
Danny was fighting a weird ghosts sucking souls out of people till a wizard came to tell him about a boy that needs to be protected. Little does he know the dark lord ha...
  • halfa
  • ghostboy
  • voldemort
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Running to the Enemy's Arms by MerciLani
Running to the Enemy's Armsby Merci
He can't trust his friends. His parents are officially ghost Nazis. His life has pretty much fallen to pieces within the last twelve hours. However there is one person w...
  • tragedy
  • danny
  • masters
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I'm A Hero by latelydifferent
I'm A Heroby Lately Different
Danny Phantom, lost his family to himself. To an much older and crueler form of him, fearing of what he could be he went to the GIW to keep himself from harming others...
  • youngjustice
  • phantom
  • danny
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A Phantom Avenger by FrostPhantomNeko
A Phantom Avengerby When life gives you lemons
When Danny's family is killed in the Nasty Burger Explosion along with his two best friends Sam and Tucker, he barely has any time to mourn before he is attacked. The to...
  • danny
  • boy
  • boyxboy
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Hybrid |Teen Wolf  by whoarewereally1
Hybrid |Teen Wolf by 2004
Rowan Hale was born in the life of supernatural, for awhile she wasn't a Hale she was a McCall. A normal human girl not a hybrid of a witch and a werewolf, she felt like...
  • allisonargent
  • derek
  • stilesstilinski
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The Charm of Bad Boys by ThatReeader
The Charm of Bad Boysby aria may
❝Come on, Rosie. Your life changed the moment you met us. There's no going back.❞ Rosie Franklin - a perfect student that has just about managed to trudge throug...
  • highschool
  • danny
  • love
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MY BAD BOY by Anyela_dr_21
MY BAD BOYby Anyela_dr_21
I lost myself in the music and closed my eyes until.......... "Can you shut the fuck up I'm trying to nap here!" I heard someone yell from the other side of th...
  • jack
  • goofy
  • heartbreaks
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Satsuriku No Tenshi || Zack X Reader One-Shots [O.H] by Lonely_Irene12
Satsuriku No Tenshi || Zack X Read...by Infinite_Flame
{} Taking Request {√} Temporarily Closed {} Closed Hello fellow reader and welcome to Angel of Death book, where you all can request Zack X Reader One-Shot here! This...
  • ray
  • angelofdeath
  • manga
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His Brotherly Ghost by lillilycutie
His Brotherly Ghostby Anika Elizabeth
Danny Fenton has a secret, he is also known as Danny Phantom! After his secret gets out his parents team up with the GIW to capture Danny. Once they found him he was to...
  • dannyphantom
  • brother
  • ghosts
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Steve McGarrett Daughter  by LovePineapples123
Steve McGarrett Daughter by DreamBig123
Are you ever curious what life is like with the McGarrett Family? Well keep on reading to find out...... Welcome to the McGarrett Family!! This book is going to be abou...
  • grounded
  • spank
  • oahu
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Phantom of the Chamber (DPxHP crossover) by HermitCap
Phantom of the Chamber (DPxHP cros...by ChibiTori
AU, Orphaned from a lab accident, Danny Fenton was taken in by Vlad Masters. During an attack by Death Eaters, Danny miraculously survives, bringing his identity as a ha...
  • danny
  • chamber
  • fanfic
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Young Phantom   ( Danny Phantom And Young Justic Crossover) by classyartist
Young Phantom ( Danny Phantom An...by otaku-king
Just read it
  • phantom
  • toture
  • crossoverfanfiction
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Keep Me Warm (Niall Horan) by DiamondsintheSun
Keep Me Warm (Niall Horan)by DiamondsintheSun
[THE SEQUEL IS UP NOW, IT'S CALLED BIRDS] Maddie was just an ordinary girl. She worked in a music shop, and she sang at a pub to save some money. And then she met him. L...
  • poynter
  • dougie
  • niall
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Angels of Death Zack x Reader (English Version) by _MelonP_
Angels of Death Zack x Reader (Eng...by MelonP|Zacks Waifu♡
You wake up in a strange room and want to escape this stange place. Rachel joins you and later on Zack joins too. But when you read your own profile on floor B4 you find...
  • gray
  • fanfiction
  • horror
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The Girl with the Nerd Façade by akyraxxx
The Girl with the Nerd Façadeby Akyra Reynolds
Alexia is a quiet girl and is in her last year at school. People think she is the quiet nerd but she has a dark secret. When she was only four years old her parents die...
  • los
  • gym
  • american
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Meet On The Ledge (Greta Van Fleet) by jerryinchains
Meet On The Ledge (Greta Van Fleet)by Love & Peace
Remember that first day? I do. In the car, the windows rolled down, music flowing through the air. I was at peace with everything and everyone. We were family.
  • dannywagner
  • joshkiszka
  • danny
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Ghost in Gotham by LittleNightling
Ghost in Gothamby Darkened_Doom
Welcome to my (a bit pathetic) attempt to make a Danny Phantom Crossover with Batman!!! I've always wanted to make a a crossover but I always thought I would make it te...
  • robin
  • batman
  • halfa
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When No One Would | Danny Amendola by Batmananddemon
When No One Would | Danny Amendolaby JJ
Danny just moved in across the hall from Jess... After a few months the two become best friends, but what happens when Jess realizes she has feelings for the beautiful d...
  • danny
  • nfl
  • newengland
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Intruders in the ghost zone - DP field trip story by SusieIsObsessed
Intruders in the ghost zone - DP f...by Suzanne
Another Danny Phantom field trip story!!! Yay... Only I've got my own huge twist to it. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Danny has not much left in the...
  • neglected
  • fullghost
  • danny
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Joker's Ghost by lillilycutie
Joker's Ghostby Anika Elizabeth
Danny Fenton/Phantom never thought being a kid could be so hard. You get to sleep, play, get barely any homework from school. All good things right? Wrong. After fightin...
  • joker
  • kf
  • bruce
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