wrong number ; j.g by pixiedix
wrong number ; j.gby elizabeth
Jack Gilinsky drunk texts his friend one night, except it's not his friend. It happens to be a girl named Ana, who doesn't believe him when he says he's Jack Gilinsky. ...
  • skatemaloley
  • maloley
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Crazy About You | Jack Avery by pleasurejack
Crazy About You | Jack Averyby alyssa
after moving to chicago, illinois, jack is forced to get used to the new surroundings, including the girl next door. © 2018 by pleasurejack - all rights reserved.
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1⎟OCEAN EYES   ━   jaeden lieberher.   ✓ by cosmiicbabe
1⎟OCEAN EYES ━ jaeden lieberhe...by # TIRED !
❛❛ can't stop staring at those oceans eyes . ❜❜ IN WHICH he falls for an ocean eyed girl who is afraid to love social media au jaeden lie...
  • jackdylangrazer
  • asoue
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Noodle Boy | Jachary | Book One by DearWriterWriter
Noodle Boy | Jachary | Book Oneby ?amber?
Zach knew he was gay, and knew it would be a long trip of telling people about it, and working out his feelings for one of his best friends. What will happen? Will Zach...
  • zach
  • jonah
  • jonahmarais
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instagram • daniel seavey by snowflakeseavey
instagram • daniel seaveyby °•:*✧nellie✧*:•°
in which two people meet through instagram and become infatuated with each other daily updates (: a daniel seavey fanfiction started: 10.10.17 f...
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Lovelights | Jack Avery| Completed by laurynjadeflynn
Lovelights | Jack Avery| Completedby laurynjadeflynn
"You are everything I want in a girlfriend"- Jack Avery
  • marais
  • daniel
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Seducing My Teacher •• S.W by fadedlikebieber
Seducing My Teacher •• S.Wby fadedlikebieber
"She's that hot ass student who has a picture of her in lingerie on her phone." --- Kayla's best friend dares her to seduce her English teacher Mr. Wilkinson b...
  • freshlee
  • magcon
  • swazz
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• reunion • daniel seavey  by sobbing-for-seavey
• reunion • daniel seavey by {...ju l i a na...}
in which a girls friends reunite for a week. or so they thought. • sequel to 'hooked' lowercase intended short story published : may sixteenth completed : july tenth
  • danielseavey
  • zachherron
  • jonah
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Toxic. (Ethan Dolan.) by magconboyz
Toxic. (Ethan Dolan.)by magconboyz
"Where do you think you're going?" He growled gripping onto my hand. "You don't own me!" "I didn't say you could leave." He spat.
  • dolan
  • ethandolan
  • grayson
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professor » jack gilinsky by natemaloley
professor » jack gilinskyby (rih)anna
"this is so wrong, but it feels so right." + lowercase intended highest rank: fanfiction #48
  • ogoc
  • sammywilk
  • maloley
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host family ; jack gilinsky by wilkworld
host family ; jack gilinskyby cole world
in which a girl is forced to stay with an arrogant boy. + jack gilinsky lowercase intended
  • gilinsky
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Period -Daniel Seavey by YviGray
Period -Daniel Seaveyby YviGray
Amaya Mom I need a new box of pads. The one from 'always' soft as a feather and sour patch kids thank you. Unknown number lol I'm not a mom or at a store. Started [23...
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Through My Eyes // Corbyn Besson by sydney_besson_
Through My Eyes // Corbyn Bessonby Sydney Logan
Anna and Aliah finally moved to L.A from Australia. They are on a quest looking for love well mostly Aliah. Will they find the one? Will they stay friends? What will hap...
  • corbynbesson
  • wattys2018
  • jonah
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meme|jack avery ✓ by averysheart
meme|jack avery ✓by enaly
"he texted me sounding like a meme, it was cute" "she texted the wrong number, i texted back as a meme" In which a text formatted as a meme, leads tw...
  • jackavery
  • newyork
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why don't we preferences  by -sunlightlane
why don't we preferences by -sunlightlane
just preferences about your 5 favorite boys I updated regularly and I take preference requests if you have any!
  • jackavery
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  • whydontweband
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WDW Imagines, Smuts, and Preferences! by QueenSimone10
WDW Imagines, Smuts, and Preferenc...by QueenSimone10
I take all requests! Some will be cute, some will be dirty, some will be sad
  • seavey
  • zach
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my life by Wdw234
my lifeby Wdw234
my name is y/n i was bullied my whole life i moved to L.A now i live with 5 boys they are amazing funny but if anyone crosses me i would just pop off i'm a singer, dance...
  • jackavery
  • zach
  • besson
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Chains: Eyeless Jack X Reader by Apple_Chips
Chains: Eyeless Jack X Readerby The name's Chips
I didn't write this but I have been given permission to post this all credit goes to Valentinesdaygreen and a link below to the original story origin http://valentines...
  • adventure
  • creepypasta
  • jack
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Why Don't We ☆ Imagines by -PrincessKiandra
Why Don't We ☆ Imaginesby kiandra✨
Imagines of the Why Don't We boys❤ (August and Eben as well *kinda*) Includes Preferences and Imagines :) Highest rank; #5 in fanfiction♡
  • jackavery
  • jonah
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Supernatural Brother/Sister Moments by omnisimmunduspirtus
Supernatural Brother/Sister Momentsby Nunya Business Bitch
Most of these will be in an age range from newborn to around fifteen, because I like imagines that feature a baby Winchester sister with the boys, so yeah. Enjoy. I will...
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