Chapter 1 : Try Harder.

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                                                             You Will Be Mine.

                                                           Chapter 1: Try Harder.

       How hard could it be to fall for me?

       Have you ever given me just a glance?

       I can take your breath away, and I know for sure, it's not being self centered or anything, but it's the truth.

       Do you know something, I'm not even going to let this get to me, she won't win.

       Well, I might be annoying her, I do try and persuade her as much as I can, I try to be the best and do the best, but she just won't take it, what is so hard to take, why is it so hard for her to like me, she hasn't shown any signs of anything, what is up with her!

       This is what makes me wonder, not all girls are the same, they can't be persuaded all in the same matter, and she is definitely making it hard for me to win her over, it's like she knows, and she's fighting her all.

       Well, I just noticed I was being an jerk, so let me introduce myself, Hey, I'm Jack Daniels, yes, like the alcoholic beverage. Sadly, I have a name as a surname, how pathetic, glad the girls don't think so, they are quite fond of it actually.

       I may seem shallow and all, but it's just the stress; one girl can do so many things.

       Want to know a secret?

       I'll tell you anyways, I might be into this one girl, she's just playing hard to get, she just can't, I repeat CAN NOT, not like me, it's like sinning, and I'm not too much into religious stuff, but I now that it's as close as I think it can get.

       The one thing that is more of a bother, is that she doesn't care, whatever I do, or try and impress her, always fails, it's like I'm nothing a nobody to her; all girls would die to be in her place, have my eyes on her, my attention, my everything, but she just doesn't want it, what does she want me to do? I've done all that could come to mind, but I can't be a prince charming, I'm just me.

        I've given her romantic surprises, but she's just looked at me, and walked away, the first couple of times it was like 'she's just playing hard to get', but now, it at times hurts when she doesn't care what I do for her, this is becoming a real struggle how I have to fight for her to fall for me; I'm the fallen idiot here, not her.

Moments Later...

       I looked around the half empty halls for her, I saw a familiar glint of her, her flowing dark brown hair, was what I could see, walking past some kids to her locker.

       I walked to where she stood, by her locker, just rows apart from mine.

       Now to my usual routine.

       I walked to where she was, standing at a great position to prohibit her from moving out of my grasp.

       "What do you want?" she answered as soon as she recognized it was me, not in a very happy tone I might add.

       Sometimes I felt like she has something in her that likes me, when I look into her eyes, but she somehow brushes that off with hate and disgust; I kept my composer around her, as she tried to push me off.

       "Um, not much, just came to see how this goddess is doing" I said smoothly; I'm quite aware that she'd never notice the compliment, the truth.

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