Tangled Knots.

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Poor Rapunzel has been grounded for eternity! Only having a chameleon, named Pascal as a friend, she has been partially alone for too long.

It is her eighteenth birthday, and she has made it in mind to ask her dear mother to let her go and see ‘the floating lights’, that coincidentally always appears on the day of her birthday.

When she finally gathers the guts to ask her, but her mother completely refuses to the idea.

Rapunzel is left wondering why her mother did not let her go, and decides to make a run for it, for she feels like there is something her mother is keeping from her.

While she paced around her tower room, she found a door under a rug, and when she opened it, she saw a long staircase.

“Oh, my god…” she gasped out as she looked at an old wrinkled paper, there she saw her as a baby, with a crown, and a happy couple holding her.

She read the little text at the bottom of the picture, which read ‘The Royal Family’s New Precious Jewel’.

Rapunzel suddenly heard  her mother’s voice, “Oh Rapunzel, please let your hair flow down,” she yelled from below, now she hesitated, but slowly muttered, “Yes, mother,” as she got the dagger in one of the kitchen drawers.

She hid it behind her back, and pulled her so called ‘mother’ in. “Ah, well Rapunzel, I’ve brought something for you-,” Rapunzel cut her out, and sharply spoke, “Oh, let me, I’ve got something to show you, my dear mother” she spoke bitterly, never in her life had she felt so much bitterness in her heart.

As Gothel turned, she stabbed her with the dagger, “Die; oh, I’m just teasing you” she sarcastically spat, as a single tear slid down her face. Suddenly, Gothel turned into dust, but not before saying, “you ungrateful child”.

Rapunzel, finally free, she takes Pascal, and her trusty frying pan.

Along the way, she crosses paths with a Flynn Rider, the thief, who tries to use his smolder on her, leading to her knocking him unconscious.

She hides his stash, and makes a deal, in which ‘only’ if he helps her to safely go and see the floating lights, who he then clears out that are ‘lanterns’, he agrees at last, and they set a wondrous path of adventure, which leads to them falling in love, along with  a glorious family reunification.

The End.

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