'·..·'I'm Miss. Innocent Girl and he's Mr. Bad Boy, how did love come out of mid air?'·..·'[1]

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Chapter 1



'Ooh..., you have got to be kidding me, can't anyone just go to school, and not me mocked or insulted in the morning, right before MY cookie, I' m a cookie addict can't be my steady self before getting one in the morning, let's go to what happened that's getting me quite pissed off,'

So I got to school early, and I had to get my stuff ready, so I went to the front desk (btw, it's my first day of being a sophomore, YAY!! its way better than being a freshmen, the horrid memories, well at least I got good friends to stand by me.)

After I got my schedule and a paper with my locker number and password, the paper read Locker Nº109 and it said password 591426, that's not going to be too hard to forget (I Hope) now that I had my stuff I headed to my locker and settled my stuff in and got the stuff for my next class, I wanted to check who my homeroom teacher would ne so I looked up at my schedule (Lucky me) I got Mr. Reigun, he's like the best teacher ever and he's my homeroom teacher this must be a good year.

I got my books and then walked by the lonely hallway, I was pretty peaceful, until I was rudely pushed to the ground, (Gosh, can't anyone walk anymore), I didn't realize it was Crystal (she writes her name with an I and dots the heart, but it's really just C.R.Y.S.T.A.L. not that hard to spell), Crystal Lou Jean; lets say she's high schools queen Bee a plain classic bleach blonde with blue eyes and kind of tanned body, BTW I already know her; she stole my last boyfriend (Connor BTW), never gone out with anyone else since, well as I was getting up, I told her

''What the Hell was that for?''

I'm not the fighting type but come on she is such a dumbass that's been annoying me ever since last year, she just stood her smiling her ass off like that's actually going to make her look any smarter (that was actually only annoying me more, you would to if you saw that look almost always) she did look like an angel who would do no harm but she was a demon an evil being on this earth, she then started blabbing about that I'm stupid and that I she can't believe Connor ever went out with me, that I can't even walk right and that she hopes a trip and break my neck the next time, I was really angry right now but my calm self of being ignored it all and walked away as she screamed like a little maniac as I walked away (she looked so furious, LOL her face is priceless).



*This is Crystal* she looks like a nice person right, well she's not!! So don't get fooled.


*This is Connor* but with more muscle, if you guessed it, he's a jock, I got over him if your wondering, he's a jerk anyways.


There was still some time left before my first class, Homeroom so I walked there with no worries I was going to make sure to get a seat at the back by the window that's were I get my ''Concentration'' (or a little nap) from if theirs nothing to do, while I was near to open the door someone opens it from the inside causing me to fall on the floor, I almost could swear I saw little stars circling around my head I felt dizzy, then I could hear someone saying, (It sounded like a guy so it must be a guy)

''Ooh.. god, I'm so sorry I didn't see you there''

(yeah nobody actually does,)

''Are you alright?'' said the guy that knocked me to the ground, helping me up,

(BTW I don't know him) he just helped me to the nurses office and laid me on the bed by the wall I shivered a little because it was cold I think he noticed and put his jacket over me, it was so warm (thank goodness, I was freezing my butt off!!!) After that he went and sat back on the seat a bit close to the bed I'm on, I looked at the ceiling and I guess that so much of that made me drift into sleep. (I hope I don't say anything asleep. And who is this mystery guy, mmm??)


......To Be Continued......


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