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Baby Steps by CandyCoatedCaffiene
Baby Stepsby Madeline C. Harrison
Aria loved how the boys kissed her. Touched her. How they begged for more. When she was with them, she felt loved. For a while anyway. She used them to fill the void tha...
  • pregnancy
  • collin
  • party
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Sophia's Love by Place_Name_Here
Sophia's Loveby Place Name Here...
Description is inside! Please give this story a chance. Thank you! Completed but needs desperate editing
  • famous
  • collin
  • girl
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Trixie by Lila-K
Trixieby Lila-K
Esmeralda Roberts, or better known by her stage name Trixie, works as a stripper, but not by choice, but because she has to. Collin Edwards, a wealthy and successful bus...
  • love
  • brother
  • penthouse
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Unloved Sister by Black_ShadowDragon
Unloved Sisterby Black_ShadowDragon
this is about bella having a sister who is 2 seconds younger all the attention goes to bella and cece is left with nothing no one loves her or cares about her
  • edward
  • emmett
  • carlisle
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My Bully Loves Me (boyxboy, bxb) by fancymustach
My Bully Loves Me (boyxboy, bxb)by As Told By Me
Not looking while walking isn't a very good idea. A lot if things can happen, you could fall, bump into another person, accidentally kiss your crush who was also your bu...
  • highschool
  • howtotagshit
  • yaoi
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Perfect by chanceisawriter
Perfectby Northcoast
Chloe Provan wakes up in a white padded room with no memory as of to how she's arrived here. Chains bind her to the wall, and from the looks of it, there's no way out. S...
  • strikes
  • owner
  • david
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Twilight wolf pack preferences: book 2 by abby_jones99
Twilight wolf pack preferences: abby
This is the second preference book I've done on these boys so go check out my first one if you haven't seen it! Boys in the preferences: Sam Jared Paul Jacob Embry Quil...
  • embry
  • imprint
  • werewolf
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Just Had To Be You by ThatChickUKnow
Just Had To Be Youby Marlee
All that Collin Ace ever wanted was... well, nothing. He already had it all. The money, the power, the girls...Everything. All that Avril Lunnah ever wanted was to be f...
  • complete
  • love
  • rejection
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The BadBoy's And Well, Me. [ON HOLD] by Mrs-Blake
The BadBoy's And Well, Me. [ON Writer
This book includes: •BadBoy's •Swearing •Drinking •Drugs •Sex •Parties •Fighting Etc... I advise you not to read this if you don't like any of the stuff listed above. Sa...
  • sleepovers
  • enermys
  • dirty
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Sophia's Growth by Place_Name_Here
Sophia's Growthby Place Name Here...
Sequel of Sophia's Love Description Inside
  • famous
  • adopted
  • dad
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Just a story. by Shunneki
Just a Shunneki
Juste l'histoire d'une jeune femme de 19 ans se prénommant Hana Moore complètement heureuse dans sa monotonie. Elle ne cherche pas l'amour car chaque chose à une fin, c...
  • impregnation
  • loup-garou
  • romance
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Serenity by ef96wolf
Serenityby ef96wolf
Sequel to "Heart of the Pack" - please read that first as they do link together. Mia Clearwater has experienced love, heartbreak and loss in her life, is now...
  • lahote
  • paul
  • seth
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Twilight Preferences by RenesmeeWolf
Twilight Preferencesby Dameon's girl <3
This book consists of vampires and their mates, the wolf pack and their imprints. I also added some more vampires you might know them or might not. DISCLAIMER: I don't...
  • seth
  • collin
  • werewolf
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An Internal Affliction by charlichambers
An Internal Afflictionby charlichambers
af·flic·tion /əˈflikSHən/ noun something that causes pain or suffering.
  • mackenzie
  • elle
  • collin
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The Quileute Protectors Love by sapphirewolf97
The Quileute Protectors Loveby sapphirewolf97
Amy Braddock and her three sisters Carly, Tessa, and Sarah are moving to La Push, Washington for their parents jobs. When a Quileute legend comes true, will it be good o...
  • drama
  • brady
  • imprint
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CogliostroColin by user31808977
Out in the west the sun goes down It's just a town like any other town People wear an innocent facade Oh, such pretty things to heal a broken heart Don't tell me, I know...
  • collin
Since Forever (Collin Littlesea love story) by So_VeryStupid_
Since Forever (Collin Littlesea Via
When Leziyah moves back to La Push and finds her best friends (Collin, Brady, Seth, and Leah) what happens when one of the pack members imprint on her. Will Leziyah's pa...
  • wolfpack
  • vampires
  • brady
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You are my everything ( Dhmis digital time) by dhmisdigitaltime
You are my everything ( Dhmis dhmisdigitaltime
So this is kinda a remake of my if time met digital ( my first story) Plot- Collin had moved in, when Tony saw Collin he thought he wouldn't like him, but he may have t...
  • dhmisdigitaltime
  • digitaltime
  • tony
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A Garota dos Olhos Vermelhos by Teen_Nathy
A Garota dos Olhos Vermelhosby Nathalia Gabrielle
Esse Livro, fala de uma garota que é diferente de todas. Vem de uma família que não é igual a todas. (Livro1). *Edição 2018* By: Nathalia Gabrielle Meu 1º Livro. Romance...
  • collin
  • vampiro
  • romance
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Don't Hurt Me by marinegirl3
Don't Hurt Meby marinegirl3
Nova is just a normal hockey fan with a very annoying boyfriend who hates hockey. When he shoves her through the glass at a Maple Leafs game, Collin Kristoffersson falls...
  • leafs
  • hockey
  • funny
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