Home by DrStrange_007
Homeby DrStrange_007
When Peter Parker's Aunt dies, Tony decides to take Peter under his wing. After Spider-Man: Homecoming, The Avengers are back to normal. Enjoy! Chapter 29 is published!
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Fourtris  by MathGeek444444
Fourtris by MathGeek444444
Highest Ranking: #1 out of 2.57K in Fourtris on August 20, 2018. #1 out of 1.97K in Tobias on August 20, 2018. #2 out of 5.02K in Home on August 20, 2018. #2 out of 2.8...
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Hating & Loving Him {18+} [COMPLETED] by Devils_Assasin
Hating & Loving Him {18+} [COMPLET...by Hanna Jimenez
Katie is a good girl. Ace is a bad boy. Katie loves her dad. Ace hates his dad. They both have no mother, both lost a sibling, and they both have one problem...they hide...
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[ SEQUEL ] Baby You So Hot ; All These Diamonds Cool You Down Copyright © 2018 All Rights Reserved to PINKDRAXO
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~•MaNan:His Innocent Girl•~ by Reney_Rija
~•MaNan:His Innocent Girl•~by Flurry
~She has little innocent demon inside her eyes,and they recklessly play with matches~ -I've never seen sparks so beautiful❤ ...
  • nandani
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Star Dazed by MidnightWhisperer
Star Dazedby Wardah.🌸
#34 in Spiritual on 30/11/2016 #29 in Spiritual on 10/2/2018 Maahirah Furqaan; a seventeen year old teen. On her way to the senior year. She just wanted to graduate fro...
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Broken Home by mkaymoo
Broken Homeby Moo
#40 in 5 Seconds Of Summer. When Luke went on tour with his band 5 Seconds Of Summer he left everything behind. Including his 17 year old sister Zoe Hemmings. After Luk...
  • calum
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His Truest Believer by Ayeanisia
His Truest Believerby Ayeanisia
** THIS STORY CONTAINS DDLG, KIDNAPPING** Had to put it out there ^ ° He was Mysterious , He was Tempting , He was Powerful She was Rebelious He wanted a little girl. H...
  • peter
  • forced
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Forever Yours (GirlxGirl) by cadetgirl
Forever Yours (GirlxGirl)by cadetgirl
"Then tell me. Why are you showing me this place? Why not show anybody else?" I turned to her as she stared at the floor blushing. She laced her fingers throug...
  • lesbian
  • couple
  • adventure
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The Lies We Tell by Write_4ever_
The Lies We Tellby Write_4ever_
[WATTYS 2018 SHORTLISTED!] Four years after leaving her friends and disapproving family behind to pursue her music career, she is one of the most famous pop stars in th...
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Going Home {Wattys2016} by -_AnnaBanana_-
Going Home {Wattys2016}by Anna A. Lane
Four years after leaving her hometown behind, she returns for her father's wedding, only to run into a ghost of her past. Twenty-one year old Katherine 'Kat' Brooks...
  • love
  • friendship
  • family
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The Voice (Luke Hemmings) by 4TeenageDirtbagsPls
The Voice (Luke Hemmings)by Queen For A Day
Skyler Mitchell. The girl with the tragic past, even if she doesn't say so herself. After moving from LA to Sydney with her mom she finds herself in a better place. She'...
  • singing
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Happened to "US" by jagriti11
Happened to "US"by jagrty
Cover Credit goes to ... @ RashmiGadekar4 ******************************************************************************* " Listen to me Radhika .. It's me." h...
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Purposely Hating The Bad Boy by XmysterysmileX
Purposely Hating The Bad Boyby Talesha Mitchell
[ Highest Rank: #15 in Teen Fiction ] - Sequel to Purposely Tripping The Bad Boy Over - After hearing the news about her enemy carrying her boyfriend's child, Avery move...
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Daughter of falcon.  (Sam Wilson x child! Reader) by Niablack4311
Daughter of falcon. (Sam Wilson x...by Niablack4311
Bliss is different She lives with her abusive mom and her moms boyfriend She is 10 Her father doesn't even know she is alive But that all changes in 1 day
  • stark
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BLUE (boy/boy) by mythmouth
BLUE (boy/boy)by mythmouth
Every town has a hermit, the resident that no one seems to know-- no one ever seems to see. We have plenty of oddballs here, in Sleepy Birch, but only one mystery. The...
  • characterdevelopment
  • slowbuild
  • nerd
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Nerdproof | ✔ by By_OliviaGrace
Nerdproof | ✔by Olivia Grace
nerd: /nərd/ noun A foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious. That's me... nerdproof: /nərdpro͞...
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A Thirsty Land by imastupididyut
A Thirsty Landby imastupididyut
Having lost the only family I ever had left me feeling lost and alone. I had no one and nothing except the memories I gathered from moments of my life and the resources...
  • pain
  • women
  • red-centre
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Home ❀ Ironhide by robotsandstan
Home ❀ Ironhideby robotsandstan
Macey Exner is not your normal NEST member. In fact, she has no clue about the war happening with giant alien robots at all. She is a young adult currently in college to...
  • autobots
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Who's the liar by roudlen
Who's the liarby Roudlen
I can't remember.. So181?? That boy with big Green eyes.. That smile.. His smells.. So perfect.. "Hello I'm Harry " he said while the smile on his face.. Londo...
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