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He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me (Part I) by flying-person
He Was Looking For A Princess, Anthie
Book One of 'The Tales of a Royal Lunatic' THIS STORY NEEDS EDITING!! Emilee is crazy. Well, not literally. She's just slightly hyper and possesses a brain that is cons...
  • heartbroken
  • mission
  • superhero
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Found by Strong5876
Foundby Strong5876
17 year old Amber stuck where she thought it was the end and there was no way of hope. Till one day she escapes the grasp of her abusive dad and into the hands of her bi...
  • gắng
  • biker
  • love
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Making A Bad Boy by sasha_94
Making A Bad Boyby Sasha
Leigh Desmond has always been the bad girl, the girl who didn’t care about anyone’s feelings, the girl who broke all the rules, and didn’t need anyone. That is until she...
  • kidnap
  • illegal
  • jealous
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Finding Finley ✔ by deadbeatvalentines
Finding Finley ✔by K
Finley Kennedy has a lot going on inside his head - and not even he understands it all. His twin almost died. His dad left him. He can't stop the nightmares. He can'...
  • boy
  • series
  • boyfriend
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The Last Dance by xoStardust
The Last Danceby xoStardust
Prince John's biggest fear? Becoming King, and everything to do with it, from the sheltered life, to someday having to get married. Celia, a lady knight, minus the 'Lady...
  • marry
  • king
  • thinking
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Midge the Neko - Boyxboy -complete- by SammyDAdams
Midge the Neko - Boyxboy -complete-by ~D~
**The full story is published on Amazon, the link is in my profile.** Scott finds an odd boy who needs his help. Midge turns out to be much, much more than meets the...
  • dominance
  • lgbtq
  • boyxboy
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The Boy by kitsnake
The Boyby Siren
Uchiha Sasuke gets a rude awakening when a little boy arrives at his office with a note saying "It's time to be a father bastard..." Is this a joke? Nope, its...
  • sasunaru
  • lost
  • child
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 ❤︎ Taekook Oneshots ❤︎ by btsbbella
❤︎ Taekook Oneshots ❤︎by ♬ Rocky Wonder ♬
Full of heartu warming fluff and drama -Comment if you want me to make any of them into full stories- So sit back relax grab a some popcorn and some tissues I 💜 u Star...
  • hugs
  • goodbye
  • hello
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Lost & Found by liarsdiaries
Lost & Foundby nιc
And sometimes, people get lost just because they want to be found. Copyright © liarsdiaries ™2016
  • save
  • freementalillness
  • grace
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Charmed by KatieHoare
Charmedby KatieHoare
Charlie thought life couldn't get any harder. Well she was wrong. Thrown into a new world, with little knowledge, she discovers her new family and who she once called &q...
  • updates
  • dangerous
  • friends
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Don't lose your heart (GirlXGirl) by Dreamondreamer96
Don't lose your heart (GirlXGirl)by Dreamondreamer96
Eighteen year old Valentine has been looking forward to college for a long time. But when she meets her roommate, Dani. Everything turns up side down. Valentine and Dani...
  • heart
  • lose
  • dont
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Til I Found You by purple-ish
Til I Found Youby Abby C
He doesn't know love at all. She wished she never knew love. What if love came between them? Would he believe it? Would she give it another chance?
  • beach
  • friends
  • jealous
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Nice Werewolf Books That Are Completed. by sdazzell
Nice Werewolf Books That Are Cutie Pie
A collection of Werewolf/Romance stories for people like me who love happy endings. : D
  • happy
  • story
  • rogue
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Rejecting his Unique Mate by MysteryWriter61
Rejecting his Unique Mateby MysteryWriter61
Highest Rank : #47 in werewolf He looked at me with disgust filled in his chocolate brown eyes as he said the words that completely shattered what little remains of my...
  • hybrid
  • sisters
  • alpha
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Unfamiliar World by Girly_Lorraine
Unfamiliar Worldby Elyse Lorraine
Clary Fray was taken by Sebastian, who claims to be her brother and he has always kept her hidden, on her 16th birthday she finally finds out why. A mortal instrument s...
  • jace
  • clace
  • jocelyn
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STRING OF FATE by francin_jessica
Teenfiction [Completed] Isang mahirap at ampon lamang siya,pero hindi siya nagrereklamo sa buhay nila. May pinakamahal siyang lalaki pero alam niyang hindi siya nito mam...
  • string
  • fate
  • finally
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Mafia's Lost Princess by Fuckthisshitamout
Mafia's Lost Princessby Mxy_Fire
Alessandra Serrano Sanchez is a girl. A girl that has the underworld in the palm of her hand. A girl that has suffered from the day she was born. A girl who is out for...
  • spanish
  • found
  • italian
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Aristocrat by iamjvillanueva
Aristocratby Zeydamn
Name, wealth and fame. All of this must be on your disposal before you can enter Glorious, an academy solely intended for young royals. When the lost prince is found he...
  • fanfiction
  • prince
  • boyslove
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Anyone can get REJECTED  by gottalovethembooks
Anyone can get REJECTED by gottalovethembooks
First of all this is a confusing book If you want to read it anyways thank you and DM me if you have any questions about my works or stuff. Yeah stuff is cool too I'm pr...
  • family
  • found
  • werewolf
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The Lost Video by z0mbies
The Lost Videoby z0mbies
Owen found a VHS tape titled "DO NOT WATCH" while burying his dog, and decided to watch it. And well... you know what they say about curiosity killing the cat...
  • short
  • horror
  • suspense
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