Save Me, Alpha by TheSolarEclipse
Save Me, Alphaby Eclipse R. W.
"Can I reject you? Please?" - Being abused by her Alpha, Autumn is an innocent little she-wolf. But fate isn't on her side because she's chained to a wall and...
  • moon
  • war
  • gamma
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The Lost Video by z0mbies
The Lost Videoby z0mbies
Owen found a VHS tape titled "DO NOT WATCH" while burying his dog, and decided to watch it. What's the worst that could happen? (Short story) All Rights Reserv...
  • story
  • horror
  • creepy
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Onyx (Blackhawk MC #4) by rebekahlthompson
Onyx (Blackhawk MC #4)by Rebekah Lynne
THIS IS BOOK 4 OF BLACKHAWK SERIES. COMPLETED-UNEDITED My name is Isla. My parents died six years ago and a woman offered me a dancing gig. What I didn't know is that I...
  • motorcycleclub
  • stripper
  • freedom
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Lost & Found  by CaliRose760
Lost & Found by LilBaby
Taking place just a year after the events of What You Left Behind , Chanel is in a different space in life . Finding yourself can be hard , but finding yourself while le...
  • odellbeckhamjr
  • chanel
  • obj
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Broken~Lost~Gone~Found by midnight_destiny
Broken~Lost~Gone~Foundby Midnight
What if the hero was broken? What if he was lost? What if they were gone? What if love was finally found? A Percy Jackson fanfic Time set after the second Giants War.
  • demigods
  • gone
  • love
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Don't lose your heart (GirlXGirl) by Dreamondreamer96
Don't lose your heart (GirlXGirl)by Dreamondreamer96
Eighteen year old Valentine has been looking forward to college for a long time. But when she meets her roommate, Dani. Everything turns up side down. Valentine and Dani...
  • heart
  • romance
  • fiction
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Found by Strong5876
Foundby Strong5876
17 year old Amber stuck where she thought it was the end and there was no way of hope. Till one day she escapes the grasp of her abusive dad and into the hands of her bi...
  • found
  • gắng
  • biker
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The Search by trapsoulss
The Searchby —writer
BOOK 2 "You're only mine, you belong to me, you love ME," - Jason McCann
  • psycho
  • mccann
  • wattys2018
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Found||Michael Conor by anonymous6421
Found||Michael Conorby :)
It was only four years since we've been apart. Four years since I've seen him. If I'm being totally honest, I thought I could go longer without seeing him, but again I w...
  • chanceperez
  • fanfiction
  • found
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Lost and Found (Boyxboy) by ALEXxTOBY
Lost and Found (Boyxboy)by Alex Ben
Maxx Green was a happy, energetic thirteen-year-old. He lived with his mom, dad, and big brother. He wasn't the most popular kid at school but he didn't care either. He...
  • cảm
  • gay
  • bestfriend
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TNS and L&F instagram. by MrsNolet-Erlick
TNS and L&F MrsNolet-Erlick
Just as if the members of the next step and lost and found had Instagram and other fun social media things?.
  • lostandfoundmusicstudios
  • lost
  • luke
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Hollow by ShortandSweet01
Hollowby Lori
He watched from a distance as she played. Running through the park, chasing something from her imagination, he'd never seen her so happy. It was the day of her sixth bir...
  • price
  • bella
  • found
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Warrior by nicole98navarro
Warriorby Nicole Navarro
Book #2 of 'Her' series After 18 years there comes a time where family finally comes together and now becomes one. Nothing is the same after Thalia suffered under the br...
  • love
  • highschool
  • family
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I do care!  by AmandaSilver
I do care! by AmandaSilver
Molly have always known that she is nothing. That her life will never be much nor long. She is sweet little human girl in a big world filled with supernatural creatures...
  • pet
  • human
  • ddlg
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My Twin Saviours by Tipper88
My Twin Savioursby B.M.J
"Where's my dad?" Testing my luck, I force myself to my feet. "Gone. He left your worthless self here," Alpha Jason laughs back at me. Once again his...
  • savior
  • humor
  • found
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 ✎ Found and Loved//Why Don't We x reader by IyaHerron
✎ Found and Loved//Why Don't We Iya_Herron❤️
Who are they? Are they going to hurt me? You asked yourself as you look up to see the 5 boys still staring at you. Then realisation hit you; Holy lord they're the Why Do...
  • danielseavey
  • betrayal
  • whydontwe
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I hope you like it
  • found
  • story
  • lost
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The Missing And The Found  by baby_supergirl_20029
The Missing And The Found by baby_supergirl_20029
This book is about a 17 year old girl named Shiloh Montgomery she lost her Sister Skylar 7 years ago. one night as Shiloh is ready to say good night to her parents she...
  • mystery
  • found
  • family
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Found? by I_am_Tre-ahaan
Found?by Tre-Han Seagerr
She's back, and he's gone, everyone thinks their safe, but she is the worst of their troubles now, just as before. Chapter 2 release date: ???
  • truelove
  • return
  • familiar
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A week away by Aesthetic_potatox
A week awayby Aesthetic_potatox
Lara has a picture perfect life. Great friends, pretty, smart and friendly. On the surface that is. Behind blue eyes lies a small girl wanting to be loved, desperate to...
  • lost
  • sad
  • love
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