Beyond The Jersey by katiesmith_11
Beyond The Jerseyby Katie✨
Reid Hatfield has always loved the game of football. He loves the teamwork, the thrill and hearing the crowd chant his name in the stadium. What guy wouldn't? He is in h...
  • family
  • football
  • romance
Life in Color by Honey_Money_
Life in Colorby Mo Money
Scarlett Rain Rhodes is just like every other 17 year old high school Junior. She goes to school, makes good grades, cheers on her schools squad and tries to stay out o...
  • fiction
  • life
  • familysecrets
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Coach's Daughter by Love_IsEndless
Coach's Daughterby Liz💕
Best Ranking: #5 in Teen Fiction Reviews- SSA_Catherine: Omg I love this book cannot wait for the update. Misswonderful14: I'm In Love With It Please Update! Kaitlyn1139...
  • coach
  • quarterback
  • daughter
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je te deteste  // antoine griezmann by biebersbrunette
je te deteste // antoine griezmannby Vanessa
i grew up with one of his teammates - olivier giroud. who knew, one day griezmann would pick me out of a crowd full of people. cover credits // @raavenreyes copyrigh...
  • grizi
  • footballplayer
  • feelings
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VIRGIN ➺ DYBALA by pablodybala
❝A PREGNANT VIRGIN?❞ © PABLODYBALA 2017 | 10.14.17 | 08.01.18
  • cristianoronaldo
  • madrid
  • futbol
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Truth be Told ✔️ by nataliasmithss
Truth be Told ✔️by Natalia Smith
The rivalry between high schools is fierce. But the rivalry between Baylor High School and Brentwood High School was fiercer. When people come to these schools, they le...
  • athlete
  • teen
  • truth
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Curve by ilovecookies1997
Curveby Cookies
Nineteen year old Kara looked nothing close to a Victoria Secret model. Living life on the curvier side, Kara starts her first semester at her university in hopes of bec...
  • love
  • chicklit
  • football
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I Fight For Her by EverlarkCatoniss
I Fight For Herby Liz
*A Wattpad Featured Story* *Completed* Her life seems perfect. His life is tearing at the seams. She's the pride of the school. He's the scum other students disregard...
  • mysterious
  • football
  • thewattys
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The Football Players Unknown Children by Fatcowsgomoo25
The Football Players Unknown Fatcowsgomoo25
When Rea found out she was pregnant by her NFL boyfriend, Chase, she was anything but happy. In fact, she was terrified. Terrified that she would mess up Chase's career...
  • football
  • romance
  • love
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Without You by ashlynmonty160
Without Youby ashlynmonty160
Aubrey Wilson has a huge, kind heart. She truly cares about people and she can light up a room by just walking in. Even though she is small, everyone always seems to fin...
  • southern
  • wattys2018
  • goodgirl
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CLAIRE B. JONES by blissfvlly
CLAIRE B. JONESby - ̗̀ tj ̖́-
He didn't know he loved caramel so much until he met Claire B. Jones. started: december 24, 2017 finished: [ slow updates. ]
  • humor
  • youngadult
  • wmbw
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The heart //Jesse lingard  by Girly-21
The heart //Jesse lingard by Girly-21
"I feel like everyday little by little you make your way to my heart and the more I try to stop it the more I fall harder." A normal girl who lives in Manchest...
  • england
  • rashy
  • jlingz
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Famous In Football ▹ Jesse Lingard.  by kimone_jackson
Famous In Football ▹ Jesse Kimone Jackson
[FIRST EVER JESSE LINGARD FAN FICTION ON WATTPAD] Highest Ranking: #217 in Fan Fiction. Sophia Ferguson is left heartbroken after she was dumped by long term boyfriend...
  • premierleague
  • tottenhamhotspur
  • soccer
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Instagram \ Dele Alli by brandtt
Instagram \ Dele Alliby gabby
hello welcome i'm not a good writer yes I'm an arsenal fan writing about dele yes I disappoint myself ps there is zero plot line in this book it's just me writing for fu...
  • america
  • harrykane
  • bayerleverkusen
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Journalist • Marco Asensio by funkwav
Journalist • Marco Asensioby Aya
In which Marco Asensio falls in love with a journalist he met through Instagram. cover made by : @breathinbutera started : 14/06/2018 highest ranking : #1 - football
  • fanfic
  • soccer
  • taylorhill
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Meeting OBJ  by louisiananygiantsfan
Meeting OBJ by Jillian
A small town Louisiana girl gets to go see her favorite team, the New York Giants. What happens when she meets one of her favorite football players from Louisiana?
  • louisiana
  • wattys2017
  • fanfiction
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My Best Friend's Brother by dontforgettosleep
My Best Friend's Brotherby 🌞
Ryleigh Adams has been best friend's with Emma Dawson for as long as she could remember, which meant she had to deal with her idiot of a brother, Hunter, along the way...
  • youngadultreads
  • badboy
  • bestfriend
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Rookie in Love [SYTYCW 2013] by SarahLWhite
Rookie in Love [SYTYCW 2013]by Sarah White
Madeline Stone knows where her future is heading-her family has that part all figured out. On her twenty-first birthday she is stealing a few moments back from her own...
  • bar
  • boyfriend
  • girlfriend
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Love Invalid by athrhteera
Love Invalidby Athirah
What happens when one kiss turns your world upside down? That one simple kiss makes your life into something unexpected. Athena Delaney works at a publishing c...
  • couple
  • love
  • falling
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strangers | james rodríguez by kylianmbappe
strangers | james rodríguezby gisselle
ongoing | ❝we were only meant to be strangers, nothing more.❞ [©moratas]
  • barca
  • realmadrid
  • madrid
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