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Crazy by klaroline_lover_
Crazyby Styles
"Please, please let me go. I beg of you!" I pleaded with the unknown voice. "Now you know I can't do that." The voice said, it's robotic sound angere...
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Psycho by brienicole
Psychoby brienicole
Katie is a psychologist for criminals, and is very good at her job. But what happens when she is faced with a new challenge that is Jason McCann, America's most wanted...
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Kidnapped | ✔️ by zelinashantae
Kidnapped | ✔️by Niaomi
"I don't like him." I murmur against his lips. "It's only ever been you, Noah." He continues to kiss me, his hand now caressing my cheek gently. &q...
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An Alpha's Love by solsticed
An Alpha's Loveby ☾ Nina ☽
"You're mine," he growls lowly, bringing me back into his warm embrace. "I don't understand," I whisper as a few tears run down my cheeks. Braxton re...
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Hot and Dangerous by InWonderLandAgain
Hot and Dangerousby InWonderLandAgain
{Completed} What would you do if one of the most wanted criminal forced you to drive him to his safe house by holding a gun to your head? Parking in front of the coffee...
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Kidnapped by UnbelievablyOrdinary
Kidnappedby UnbelievablyOrdinary
Alexandra Janssen's world is abruptly turned upside down the day she is kidnapped. While she is kidnapped she receives the biggest shock of her life. Will she be able to...
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Kidnapped By Stiles Stilinski by rouge_winchesters
Kidnapped By Stiles Stilinskiby 💕castiel 💕
Asher Perrish is a sweet innocent girl. She has many friends and she's nice to pretty much anyone, which earned her a spot on the popularity list. Her best friend Lydia...
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Reject & Kidnapped by Ilovecassie
Reject & Kidnappedby Ilovecassie
First Melody's mate reject's her and then somebody kidnapped her. All she could think of after she woke up in the backseat of the person who kidnapped her car is FML (f*...
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Marked By a Dragon by xmidnightstrueLoVE13
Marked By a Dragonby Amanda
The colorful flowers and grass of the field were buffeted by a large gust of wind, as if someone had turned on a fan suddenly. Ashlyn stood there, staring at her surroun...
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Taken By The Dark by Reeyu97
Taken By The Darkby ♛ R E E
|Highest Ranking: #1| ❝Only In The Unfathomable Dark Can Light Shine Its Brightest.❞ **** Excerpt: "Are you afraid of me, Marria...
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Ghost (Hawkeye's Daughter) by OXLeviXo
Ghost (Hawkeye's Daughter)by Levi-Senpai<3
There is a reason Clint hid his wife and children. Riley Barton is the daughter of one of the worlds greatest assassins, Clint Baton, otherwise known as Hawkeye. When sh...
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Dog Tags by champsissy
Dog Tagsby Champney
Sloane admired her brother for all he was worth even until the last days of his death. When he was killed in action, Sloane makes a daring choice and decides to join the...
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Vampire Pet for a Virgin Vampire by Shada_Steals_Souls
Vampire Pet for a Virgin Vampireby Shada Baity
Shada is a fiesty but chill girl. She is an adopted. But she never knew that vampires exist. Little does she know she will lives with them or that she will work for them...
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Trapped with HIM by Mooncheese121
Trapped with HIMby Mooncheese121
Makayla Soren can't stand Ryder Souker. It was an unspoken agreement the moment they first met each other's eyes, on the first day of kindergarten. Although they've deci...
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Stolen by _StoryQueen_
Stolenby _StoryQueen_
Love is meant to be pure...kind this though it wasn't love, it was dark and controlled. Cassandra Paulson A average everyday girl, but with a not so average secret adm...
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Love At First Note - discontinued- by amorosea1
Love At First Note - discontinued-by Amo
Meet Cassidy an aspiring artist. She's incredibly talented for her age. She enrolls in one of the best fine art high schools in the country. Everest Academy Meet Cassidy...
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Taken by..The Wanted? *A One Direction Fanfic* by twerknosh
Taken by..The Wanted? *A One ♡keeley♡
we all knew the wanted hated one direction, but they never thought they'd take it this far
Sim (Sam septiceye X Tiny box Tim) by MimiWrites219
Sim (Sam septiceye X Tiny box Tim)by ThatRandomFangirl
This is a romance about the beloved youtuber mascots, Markiplier's tiny box Tim and Jacksepticeye's Sam septiceye eye. Watch as they sink deeper and deeoet and love, wit...
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Kidnapped By A Wolf  by Mystic_Firestar
Kidnapped By A Wolf by Mystic_Firestar
Mia's life was like any other she live in a small town called Tweed it had a population of 2,089 people. It was Mia's sophomore year she had family, friends that loved h...
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Adopted By Harry Potter by I_Am_Fine___
Adopted By Harry Potterby I'm Not Okay
It's all a mystery....
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