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Isabella  by biggestPPever
Isabella by biggestPPever
Isabella, The definition of innocence The light in everyone's darkness The only one pure enough to save a monster herself But who knows? What if she gets swallowed int...
HELL NO!!! I'm Never Gonna Get Married To You! by tauralicious
HELL NO!!! I'm Never Gonna Get 0_o
Be careful what you wish for, because sometimes wishes come true... especially if you wish for something NOT to happen! Andy Carter ends up in the bed with Austin Blake...
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The Gilbert Sister K.M by that_fan_girl1
The Gilbert Sister K.Mby that_fan_girl1
Skylar Gilbert Elena's younger sister the more fun sister some would say. Skylar knew about the supernatural, but tried to stay away from that drama. She stayed away wh...
Loving This Bitch by GuessmeScree
Loving This Bitchby Guessmescree
In the affluent confines of a prestigious school, a girl named Nionahlie grew up with all the riches one could dream of. She holds herself in such high regard that she d...
Love Me Still (Five X reader) by dracomalfoysimp78893
Love Me Still (Five X reader)by book writer ig?
Yn was a very powerful witch and with that power comes a very dysfunctional family. She was turned into an assassin and used sarcasm to help handle her family. After los...
Guns and Shield (The Rising of the Shield Hero Fanfiction) by SmolRobean
Guns and Shield (The Rising of 爆豪勝己💥
Amaya is a cheerful and bubbly girl, living in a world where the 4 cardinal heroes are summoned to save the lives of everyone in the world. She may just be recalled as a...
BUT SHES, SINISTER | bill kaulitz by arafina505
BUT SHES, SINISTER | bill kaulitzby arafina505
vivienne zhvikov was a bitch. everyone knew she was a bitch. one glance and you can see. yet when her family moves, a sweet boy intrudes into her life. bill kaulitz x fe...
The story runs between two students having opposite characteristics. literally opposite. Kristel Lewis was a bad ass bitch and Chance Devon Martinez is probably the man...
Triplets by hannahxjayne
Tripletsby Hannah
Hope Sophia Blossom is the youngest of the blossom siblings and the one with the most secrets. When her brother mysteriously disappears, how many secrets does Hope know...
Unlikely Allies: A Sisters-Mafia Tale by Velvetkisses_3
Unlikely Allies: A Sisters-Mafia Velvetkisses
''Sometimes, the truth may be seen as a lie simply because you are scared of the truth." ------------- If you were to die today, who would cry for you? Or miss you...
𝐎𝐡, 𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐂𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐡è by nxtaliexoxo20
𝐎𝐡, 𝐇𝐨𝐰 𝐂𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐡èby 𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐞
Obviously you know Brittany Howard. Who doesn't? She's your classic bad b*tch who gives zero f*cks. From her blonde hair and blue eyes to her attitude, she fits perfectl...
A child?! (haikyuu x child!reader x Other Anime) by Cv_lee
A child?! (haikyuu x child! V
a chaotic experience of the child named y/n. watch her go thru crazy stuffs with the volleyball players and maybe other people. See how everyone kidnap her for themselve...
"I love you" by bbbmybff7991
"I love you"by Hi girly
After winter break, Crowned Prince Wilhelm must keep up the allusion his family is putting up, while trying to keep his love for Simon a secret. Started July 7, 2021 Fin...
Or What? /// jschlatt X reader by heythereimmom
Or What? /// jschlatt X readerby heythereimmom
This is me being bored and trying to do something that makes me feel productive. Trying to give you sick freaks something to read. #5 in Catholic!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Baatarfly✔️ by nomuanne
Baatarfly✔️by G O L D E N
"Дэнгийн эрвээхий яадаг гээч... Шилэн хоргон дотор байрлах гэрэлд хүрэх гэж хамаг хүчээ бардаг ч тэр гэрэлд хэзээ хүрч чаддаггүй. Хүрлээ гэж бодоход үхдэг. Тиймээс...
Teorías, shipps y más. by Roma_82110
Teorías, shipps y má Roma_82110
Hola, este es mi primera vez escribiendo una obra. Espero que les guste ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• En primer lugar; la d...
How to kiss by Ming_mi
How to kissby Ming Mi
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