BBC Sherlock Imagines by drayizzle
BBC Sherlock Imaginesby drayizzle
The hiatus is killing me. Taking requests for any characterxcharacter, or characterxreader.
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BBC Sherlock Imagines (Book 2) by drayizzle
BBC Sherlock Imagines (Book 2)by drayizzle
The hiatus is still killing me and I'm still writing. #SHERPRESSION (Requests are always open for any characters)
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Sherlock one shots x readers, preferences and imagines by Fantasielover394
Sherlock one shots x readers, Saerwen
I created a couple of one shots (some a bit fluffy) in my mindpalace and wanted to share them with you. They're about my favourite characters of Sherlock BBC: Sherlock...
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Always by -Devoid
Alwaysby t. •HIATUS•
In which Bree Higgins falls for her dad's best friend's son.
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Say Hello to the Past (CSI fanfiction) by itsbrandirose
Say Hello to the Past (CSI Brandi
Nick Stokes works for the CSI in Las Vegas, Nevada. His team is his family, and he loves his family back home in Texas. Everyone says that Nick is a ladies' man, but wha...
  • stokes
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Sherlock Imagines And Preferences by TooShyTooCry
Sherlock Imagines And Preferencesby BookNerd
Different imagines of BBC Sherlock. Will take requests for any of the characters of Sherlock. I don't own the show or its characters. It belongs to BBC. *Done*
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Sherlock Preferences by TooShyTooCry
Sherlock Preferencesby BookNerd
I'm doing it for: -Sherlock -John -Greg -Mycroft -Jim If you want another character added let me know. I don't own any characters or the show. They belong to BBC.
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Pearl x Reader by unlovedduck
Pearl x Readerby UnlovedDuck
NOTE: This is for boys and girls. Girl pronouns for the reader. What would happen if your friend introduced you to his gang of alien Gems also known as his friends? And...
  • reader
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I surrender by CastielShipsPhan
I surrenderby CastielShipsPhan
Teen!lock AU. Sherlock is a lonely boy, unloved by family. After traveling to a new school he becomes unexpected friends with another young boy. Will the friendship blo...
  • mycroft
  • johnlock
  • mystrade
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The doctor's lover (House x reader) by obsessedwithanime12
The doctor's lover (House x reader)by Megan Stevens
SNEAK PEEK AT PART OF THE STORY "This is the third time this month, (Y/N). You're perfectly healthy. Why do you come here so often?" Your doctor asked you paci...
  • greg
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Steven Universe Theories by -Endless_Oasis-
Steven Universe Theoriesby ✨Never Quit✨
Just different theories about Steven Universe that I have came across and added my own thoughts to. WARNING: possible spoilers! I apologize in advance if there is a par...
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A Weekend at the Lake House by SkittlesDelight
A Weekend at the Lake Houseby christi
Mia Evans is born in a cold household with very busy parents and no siblings. She was born rich, but she has never been spoiled or bratty. On this particular summer, her...
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If Rose Never Died. A Steven Universe Fan fiction (COMPLETED) by Caitynite
If Rose Never Died. A Steven Otaku4lifeboi
What would happen if Rose and Greg stayed together, If Rose never died, How Would the gems lives be affected?Including Steven's?? Read to find out. I DO NOT OWN STEVEN U...
  • greg
  • garnet
  • wattys2017
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I Can't (Pinescone Ouran Highschool Host Club AU) by SailorGamer
I Can't (Pinescone Ouran SailorGamer
When Greg accidently signed him and his older brother up for the Host Club, Leader of the club, Mabel Pines, let's them in and doesn't let them go! They are welcomed by...
  • mabelpines
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Greg Feder love story (sequel): And so, I fell in love by Katykatiecatie
Greg Feder love story (sequel): Kat
3 years on and they're still together. Obviously they've both changed, so how will it work out? Will Greg do what he has been planning? What will Katie's response be? Do...
  • feder
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Inner Desires- Steven Universe Jasper X Reader by RAZzBERLIOAN
Inner Desires- Steven Universe VIVIII.RAZZBERLIOAN
Our Jasper is back, but much has changed. Jasper has lost her memories of the past and the gems love it. She is no longer a threat, for now. Wait till she meets you.
  • peridot
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This Feeling Is Getting Weirder (Steven Universe Fanfic) This Feeling Book #2 by LateLiz67
This Feeling Is Getting Weirder ( Anime is lyf O3O
(Sequel of This Weird Feeling) . . . . . . After knowing that Steven and the others are not around, Peridot and Lapis were the only ones left of the group. No one knows...
  • lapis
  • fanfiction
  • gems
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Sherlock Preferences by Gumicron
Sherlock Preferencesby Gumicron
Preferences based on the Tv Show Sherlock. Includes: Sherlock, John, Greg, Anderson, Jim and some other. ↖REQUESTS OPEN↗ ↖ONE SHOTS OPEN↗
  • sherlock
  • watson
  • detective
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Bad End Friends by -mcshizzle-
Bad End Friendsby -mcshizzle-
What if...Our main protagonist who were possessed by the main antagonist or things in the three most famous shows like Adventure Time,Gravity Falls, Over The Garden Wall...
  • icefinn
  • beastwirt
  • jake
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Antidote- Steven Universe Jasper X Reader by RAZzBERLIOAN
Antidote- Steven Universe Jasper VIVIII.RAZZBERLIOAN
I screamed loud enough for the whole city to hear me. Surely, the person down the hall could hear me. I was in a pitch black hallway , I felt like the shadows were stari...
  • amethyst
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