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I don't know what this one is about, I swear, this was practically the second story I ever wrote, that didn't get deleted...by myself.



Name: Alexandra Susana Ray

Nick Names: Alex, Sue

Age: 16

Likes: blue, all greens, brown, black, flowers (especially orchids), animals, jokes, dancing, reading, goofing around, yelling, singing, drawings,pranks(that are not on her), and spending time at home with her fam. or just hang around with her friends.

Dislikes: annoying ppl, cocky, sarcasm, pranks(on her), lies, guys that think their better than girls, stupid quotes, and surprises.

Family: 1 lil' sister:Jamie Claire Ray(Age: 10), 1 big bro': Shean Clark Ray(Age: 18), Dad & Mom Mr. and Mrs. Ray A.K.A. Ronald Ray and Marie Ray, Jojo A.K.A. Alex's puppy, and Coco A.K.A. Jamie's hamster.

More Info: Has 2 BFF which are Cloe Smith and Susan Mirey since like when they were in diapers they've never separated ever since she isn't that much known in school she's really shy and sorda of an outcast doesn't go out much to party's and stuff doesn't drink,smoke, or anything else she loves animals, likes hanging home and bothers her bro and his friends when they come over and also her lil' sis' and her friends, her #1 hobbie is sketching(she's awesome by the way) she has a secret crush shh.. nobody knows not even her BFF's it's her biggest secret, she's a horrible liar(she giggles when she lies and sometimes does weird noises). 



Name: Adrian Jack James

Nick Names: None yet

Age: 16 and a half

Likes: hanging out with his friends, making fun of silly teachers, pranking ppl, jokes, music, sketching, being sarcastic, annoying ppl, playing with his lil' bro, dark brown, black, tan-ish yellow, being cocky,and his car.

Dislikes: smart ass's, annoying people, sarcastic ppl, pranks on him, *and the rest you'll know soon.*

Family: 1 lil' bro: Mikey James(Age:5), and his Mom-->Mrs. James A.K.A.Lauren James, and his lil' bro's puppy Chance.

More Info: none at the moment

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