[oo7] Say Hello to the Sunshine, and be Welcomed to MY life.....

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Say Hello to the Sunshine, and be Welcomed to MY life.....



''What!?'' I asked, a little annoyed, but still quite entertained by the problem.

''I'm lost...!'' I heard a lost Eli explain/yell.

I chuckled, hmm, she got lost.

Well, it is possible, it is a bit big house.

Really BIG house.

Not that I'm bragging or anything.

''Coming!' I yelled, ''where are you?''

''Um, that's the problem, I don't know'' I heard he answer.


-Chapter 7-

Kitchen Drama.

(Eli's P.O.V.)


I was done with my warm shower in a couple of minutes.

Wow! My first warm shower!

I'm so excited!

Mom, usually thought I wasn't good enough for warm water, so I had to settle for cold water, i shrugged at that, it doesn't mean anything to me, I just can't be blaming things on me just because she can't admit it wasn't my fault dad dies, but mostly hers.

I walked to the long stair case, that got me to thinking, hmmm, long staircase, me too lazy to walk down, I guess I could take a shortcut.

''Wheeeeee!!'' I squealed, as I slipped down the arm of the staircase, so fun.

I straightened my self out when I hit the ground, and got my self a scowl from the penguin man talking to some ladies dressed as maids.

Guess they're the service, Ryan talked about.

I walked around looking around at sculptures, art works, and a huge family portrait.

I looked it over, and noticed it was quite off to date, there stood Ryan waring a most forced smile on his face, as a girl similar looking as him wore a more sexy trying smile, while they sat together, and two older people stood behind them, mom and dad, I mean their mom and dad, I definitely caught the resemblance between Ryan and his father, both had a look of mischievous and excitement hidden in there eyes, while his mother looked more alike to the other girl, Ryan's sister, they were both beautiful, but his mother had a more natural beauty with her blonde hair cascading to her shoulder and with her blue eyes shining with glee and happiness, Ryan's sister was mostly part of the opposite, she had the same flowing blonde hair, but had it waved up more, and her beauty was mostly hidden by a ton of makeup she wore, it was all just a pity for her to hide it under all that junk. Looking at the similarities with Ryan and his father, they both had the same eyes like I noticed earlier, but the colors were a little different, Ryan's dad had darker blue eyes, while Ryan's looked like a clear pool of blue, which if you looked to long in you'd get memorized by it's hypnotizing beauty.

I got a hint of jealousy and self conscious feeling, looking at this whole beautiful family, while I on the other hand am just petite, normal, unique, and I don't even have a family never had or was in one, well not until dad was gone, it all changed everything.

After a little of my investigation and roaming around just to forget unwanted thoughts, I got tired of it, so I started looking for the kitchen.

''Ennie Miney Moe, which way should I go?'' I said as I started singing it out, pointing my finger left or right.

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