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Vampire Knight- Shiki Senri Love Story by RaeRaeSenpai
Vampire Knight- Shiki Senri Love Rae Rae
A young, 16 year old girl called Yuna, now finally takes control of her own life. Her mother sad about her leaving home to go to the private, mysterious school, Cross Ac...
  • scary
  • level
  • choco
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mind on paper by gabrielazapatac
mind on paperby zapata
just read it
  • encouragement
  • slammed
  • sadness
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Slaying Humor by NotAHipster_2
Slaying Humorby Jesus Christ
Prepare to be slayed with humor.
  • pedophile
  • slammed
  • funny
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Diary Of The Haunted by TheBlackConverse1409
Diary Of The Hauntedby Elissa
Anna is a published author at age sixteen. Exciting right? Not for her. She hates it. Things only get worse when she had to move. To a house with a past for scaring peop...
  • buzzing
  • gosts
  • cat
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Stories From A Private High School by graceful_nerdy
Stories From A Private High Schoolby Anna Kingsbury
A collection of memorable (and funny) things that have occurred to me and my friends while at private school
  • hair
  • oprah
  • glitter
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White Lies (ON HOLD) by DandraAnnetta
White Lies (ON HOLD)by D'andra
The sun was beginning to set and the air noticeably cooled as day soon became night. Inside the forest, the trees blocked out any sign of heat or light to the land below...
  • hurt
  • luke
  • fangs
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 Diary of a Teenage Girl. by PrathiushaPoduval
Diary of a Teenage Prathiusha Poduval
Writing down things that are relatable. From daily activities to once in a lifetime opportunity that everyone goes through. From living a life totally dependent on one p...
  • story
  • family
  • poem
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Poetry!!!! by StellaraWish
Poetry!!!!by StellaraWish
Im making poemsssss!!!! Yaayy!!!!
  • poetry
  • prettymuchit
  • slamming
Poems by CRox2K15
Poemsby Kai Gledhill
  • slamming
  • transgender
  • truthfully
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Addicted To One Direction by lamegirllane
Addicted To One Directionby ruthie
Lea was just another innocent teenage girl, until one day, when she discovers One Direction. Lea's life becomes 100% consumed with them, from music, to posters, to maga...
  • twisted
  • onedirection
  • glow
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Tales of Plight by jarchuekoh
Tales of Plightby jarchuekoh
Some people have the worst of days, others have the best. Whatever it may be, this 'Tales of' series is here to relate to all of it. - Joel Chue :)
  • slamming
  • shouting
  • rage
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'Twas Brillig by chiralphenomena
'Twas Brilligby Lin Tarczynski
Poems from the public domain. Favorite pieces of our shared intellectual property. This land is your land, this land is my land.
  • stars
  • lodge
  • almond
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Maybe Someday by MisdrEyFadol
Maybe Somedayby Audrey Fadol
To the person who broke my heart. This slam poem is for you.
  • poetry
  • slammed
Is this Love? by cheyennemayo
Is this Love?by Cheyenne
A story about a girl who has had a crush on the same guy for 3 years! Finally things start "heating up" an start to go her way hen he figures this out. "D...
  • jealousy
  • love
  • wandering
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Poetry Slammed. by LastBluess
Poetry LastBluess
Get to know how I feel Read everything I am too afraid to say.
  • emptiness
  • anger
  • slampoem
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Settling by Braces_To_Retainers
Settlingby Bonnie D.
-Not agreeing -Nerves going on overdrive -Muscles bunching -Head pounding
  • overdrive
  • breathing
  • notagreeing
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WAR by ilanit1997
WARby ilanit
a little poetry goes a long way this is my third Attempt at it war put a stop to it.
  • sad
  • insipiration
  • adult
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