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Dear Universe, ✔ by deadbeatvalentines
Dear Universe, ✔by K
"Don't leave, Annie. We can figure this out." I'm begging and just when I think she's going to give in, she turns and starts to walk away. I can feel my heart...
  • wattys2018
  • cute
  • heartbreak
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What Can You See? (Creepypasta x male reader) by Sunny_Ray_
What Can You See? (Creepypasta x m...by Sunny and Vladdy
A boy with fading vision, a cat with questionable motives, and some creeps. What could go right? --------------------------------------------------- A/N: We noticed ther...
  • magic
  • cats
  • non-romantic
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Code Lyoko: New member by Pogan920
Code Lyoko: New memberby Mason
I get myself into the crazy virtual world of Code Lyoko. I always would imagine I was in Code Lyoko when I was a kid and now I can write my own story to make you guys cr...
  • new
  • jeremy
  • pogan920
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The Girl with The Bad Attitude by Gummy_BeaRRss
The Girl with The Bad Attitudeby 린지
**This is the spin off of the book 'The Girl With The Bad Handwriting', but you don't need to read that book to read this one** (\(•~•)/) Ivory grew up very differently...
  • odd
  • teenfiction
  • teenagers
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A Kiss of Darkness by Cupid_princess16
A Kiss of Darknessby Anne S.
A peculiar teenage girl was kissed by a mysterious stranger. She didn't know that kissing him will make her his for eternity. Who is he? Well, he is the one only god of...
  • odd
  • popular
  • hades
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Creepy Facts And Odd Stories by KawaiiPotato0602
Creepy Facts And Odd Storiesby Ati
Just a short collection of things you may not have heard of. (Stories, facts, and urban legends) All credit goes to Listverse and Google.
  • odd
  • stories
  • facts
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Sweet Vampire [Billdip] by BlueCipher0
Sweet Vampire [Billdip]by Blue Leader
[Adopted by @Boopkitty] It was always Vampire Hunters against their usual enemy. The Cipher Family were well know for their help in the hunting field to rid of those blo...
  • billdip
  • dipperpines
  • family
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The betrayed (betrayed Male reader x Highschool dxd) by Twilightjoker
The betrayed (betrayed Male reader...by Jeffrey Brake
Betrayed by his friends God and Satan y/n was forced to stay in his mansion for years and years until he truly learned what it meant to be alive. The devils, angels, and...
  • odd
  • öp
  • weird
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The odd thief  by livleykk
The odd thief by livleykk
This is a FICTION STORY about a girl that was hoke alone while her bf was out and while she was in the house a thief broke into the house, but, he didn't steal anything...
  • odd
  • wedgie
Brendon Urie Imagines by Angel__WithA_Shotgun
Brendon Urie Imaginesby ✨💫Guardian Angel💫✨
Short stories of You and the best human on the planet. Brendon Boyd Urie. Brendon Urie is the lead singer of an amazing band called Panic! At the Disco. Warning: Lots of...
  • alternative
  • prayforthewicked
  • beebo
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Good Things Come (A Vampire Academy Fanfiction) by anonymouslyalex
Good Things Come (A Vampire Academ...by Alex
*COMPLETE* Rose is a shy girl, fresh out of an abusive relationship. Rose and her friends all have joined a self defense class and their instructor Stan has just left an...
  • tub
  • phone
  • scare
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Cartel Love  by cloudybut
Cartel Love by cloudybut
Adriana Ariza wasn't born rich, she made her way up to a top which why she is known as a Drug Lord (CHARACTERS BASED OFF OF 'QUEEN OF THE SOUTH");
  • drugdealer
  • crazy
  • cartel
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Weird facts 101 by I_Luv_Oreos_Girl
Weird facts 101by Batman
I always come across weird facts from the internet, so I figured that I would share them with y'all. So sit back, relax, and prepare to have your mind blown by these awe...
  • weird
  • facts
  • funny
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Oddity by Rose267
Oddityby Rose
So what should I tell you first? My names Margo Cooper and I'm 9 years old. I also have magical abilities but I'm not old enough to attend school yet so I don't have muc...
  • queenie
  • fantasticbeastsandwheretofindthem
  • abilities
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Meeting the PRINCE of VAMPIRES was not on my VACATION LIST!!!!! by cUtiE0502sEcRet
Meeting the PRINCE of VAMPIRES was...by sue
  • guy
  • smile
  • surroundings
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My Dear Blue Rose   (Yandere x Fem!Reader) by NoirFam13
My Dear Blue Rose (Yandere x Fem...by AllSeeingCupcake
"S-stay away from me...." She inched away from the bloodied boy in front of her, fear and horror obvious in her features. He stepped forward, gently caressing...
  • cringe
  • creepy
  • xreader
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Tumblr Posts II by nerdcancurse
Tumblr Posts IIby luciel
Funny, sad, weird... it's Tumblr! A sequel to Tumblr Posts with a collection of posts that are anything but normal. Please enjoy and have a good day. Highest ranking - #...
  • imgaylmao
  • random
  • laugh
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Code Lyoko: X.A.N.A Returns                                    (Part 1) by LifeIsPerfect
Code Lyoko: X.A.N.A Returns...by L.I.P
When a new girl joins the school, XANA awakens and mysteries start to unfold. Will the gang be able to uncover the truths or will they fall apart in midst of the confusi...
  • odd
  • yumi
  • aelita
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Not The Last by claudicorn
Not The Lastby Claudia
Amelia has been kidnapped more times than she cares to count. With a famous father and ex-fashion model mother, she's been in the limelight her entire life, expected to...
  • teenfiction
  • gắng
  • identity
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P!ATD/Ryden Conspiracy Theories  by RydeninCapeTown
P!ATD/Ryden Conspiracy Theories by lil peep
This story is about Panic! At The Disco and mostly Ryden conspiracy theories. FIRST OF ALL: some of these theorys I got from proofofryden on Instagram, you should check...
  • pretty
  • theories
  • brendonurie
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