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Star Wars DXD (High School DXD + Star Wars Crossover) by XGNXLency
Star Wars DXD (High School DXD + [XGN] XLency
Hey guys! My name is [XGN] XLency, but you can call me Ren! Today I'm here with a High School DXD Star Wars crossover book! Please keep in mind, I'm VERY new to Wattpad...
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Star wars the clone wars one shots preferences and imagines  by Mlpjokershobbit
Star wars the clone wars one Mlpeej the weird bean!/Shania...
A collections of one shots that will be days in the lives of and also ships (if your a nerd you will know) and readerxcharacter preferences and imagines hope you all enj...
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Missing by ThatSassyPadawan
Missingby ⚪Sarcastic⚪
"What if Ezra wasn't born during the Rebellion era, what if he was born during the Clone Wars?"
  • captainrex
  • obi-wankenobi
  • starwarsrebels
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Always in the middle(Abuse and Neglected Grey Jedi Male Reader x Rwby) by PhionexTeen83
Always in the middle(Abuse and PhoenixTeen83
You couldn't take it any more but luck strikes you when your father came for you teaching you the ways of the light and dark side
  • blake
  • abuse
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Star Wars The Clone Wars: M.I.A. On a Lost Planet#Wattys2016 by ChristietheGhost
Star Wars The Clone Wars: M.I.A. Christie
Clone Sergeant Mako and his men end up crashed onto a planet the galaxy has forgotten about, until now. As they seek a way off this planet they must encounter danger, Se...
  • dooku
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Legacy(Star Wars Clone Wars fanfic) by OceanEmily13
Legacy(Star Wars Clone Wars fanfic)by OceanEmily13
Amber Hasmota is a 15 year old human and a loner. She's been alone on her ship 'The Fighter' traveling the galaxy. She's been alone every since her father had been bruta...
  • republic
  • droids
  • lightsaber
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Found by ThatSassyPadawan
Foundby ⚪Sarcastic⚪
Months have passed after Ezra came back to the Jedi Order. Yet, the Clone Wars is coming to an end. What happens when things start to go wrong? *Sequel to Missing*
  • captainrex
  • republic
  • empire
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The Varactyl Squadron Commander (A Star Wars: The Clone Wars Fan-Fiction) by madness124
The Varactyl Squadron Commander ( Madness
Molindi had it all. Brothers, someone she loved, and a job she'd give her life for. Then it was taken away. And she snapped. RATED #1 IN CLONE 4/26/19 RATED #2 IN CLONE...
  • cody
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  • clones
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Star Wars clone wars One shots  by PhantomxWolf
Star Wars clone wars One shots by ....
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars or any of its characters. Disney does. I only only own my OC's such as Blaster, Gravel, Drill, Wrench, Bones, Shadow, Spectre, Gauze...
  • captainrex
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  • clones
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Star Wars The Clone Wars RP by NightSTaR453
Star Wars The Clone Wars RPby General_Kal_Sarad
Title says it all
  • ocs
  • clones
  • roleplay
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Turning Point by Ahsokafanfic
Turning Pointby Ahsokafanfic
What would happen if Ahsoka never left the Jedi? Ahsoka agrees to come back to the Jedi order. But before anything returns to normal, Ahsoka wants to know the answers. W...
  • obiwan
  • lightsaber
  • starwars
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The Senator And The Jedi by shanSWfan
The Senator And The Jediby -:- [sh]anakin skywalker -:-
The year is 20 BBY. The brutal Clone Wars, pitting the droid armies of the separatist Confederacy Of Independent Systems against the clone troopers of the Galactic Repub...
  • republic
  • starwars
  • luxsoka
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The Reborn of the Sith Empire by AlexCatalinStancu
The Reborn of the Sith Empireby Alex Catalin Stancu
Neglected, loneliness, sadness, the feelings that can make even a fully grown man fall into despair. Those are the things that Naruto Uzumaki lived through all of his li...
  • rwby
  • naruto
  • jedi
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Cadet Captured by HalfMiralukanJedi
Cadet Capturedby Aleckina
CT-7897, known as Blitz to her fellow cadets, is a mutated clone given a second chance by Jedi Master Shaak Ti. She wasn't supposed to be a girl. She was supposed to sha...
  • countdooku
  • commandercody
  • obiwankenobi
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One in a Million  by Queen_FP
One in a Million by Queen_FP
A galaxy plagued by war, death, and divides. All sides are fighting for power whether they would like to admit it or not. One side has clones fight for them. Those clone...
  • sith
  • life
  • change
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Star Wars: Against All Orders by Storm-Shadows7
Star Wars: Against All Ordersby Captain Kiri Storm
CT-5555 has been through the mill. Shot and left for dead, he awakes to find himself in a strange ship. At first, he thinks it's to enslave him like so many brothers wer...
  • love
  • ct5555
  • tup
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Star Wars: The Grey Jedi by CyanGalaxy
Star Wars: The Grey Jediby EuphoricDystopia
Ahsoka Tano. Formally a Jedi Padawan. Now the secret 'Fulcrum' for the rebellion... And most certainly, a Grey Jedi. After realising the terrible truth, that her former...
  • revengeofthesith
  • ahsokatano
  • padawan
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Clone Trooper One Shots by CT7567329
Clone Trooper One Shotsby CT-7657-329
Exactly what the title says! I will try to get in EVERY clone :) I do take requests too.
  • cody
  • fanfiction
  • clonefanfiction
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The OC's Of Captain Kiri Storm by Storm-Shadows7
The OC's Of Captain Kiri Stormby Captain Kiri Storm
I'm making a master list of all the OC's I have and actually putting it in one place Cover art is of my OC Drali by the AMAZING @Salty-Sniper
  • ốc
  • twilek
  • starwars
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Spacebook (star wars Facebook) by Mlpjokershobbit
Spacebook (star wars Facebook)by Mlpeej the weird bean!/Shania...
Ever wonder what it would be like if the Star wars the clone wars characters had Facebooks? Well, Now you can read and see for yourself! Enjoy!
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  • spacebook
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