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Urges #2 by SimpleSeduction
Urges #2by SimpleSeduction
Ella Mathews is heartbroken. She walks with a numb body and doesn't think it will ever get better. When Blake comes up again and refuses to go away till he wins her back...
Caring trust | Zuma x Ella by VladMIX87
Caring trust | Zuma x Ellaby VladMIX0204
Sequel to "The real caretaker". Zuma's having a good friendship with Chase and Skye after unlucky try to take Skyes' heart. But this caused a loss of trust fro...
PAW Patrol: Holidays in Italy {Paused} by -TheEmpereor-
PAW Patrol: Holidays in Italy {Pau...by -TheEmpereor-
The PAW Patrol wins a trip to visit Italy, during this long journey they will visit the most iconic, but also the most hidden places of the most famous peninsula in the...
PAW Patrol Instagram: The Pups by alwaysskase
PAW Patrol Instagram: The Pupsby alwaysskase
The pups create their own Instagram accounts. What content will they post? What will it be about? Read to find out!
A Paw Patrol Story 9:The Battle For The Last Champion Child by PawPatrolChaseFan
A Paw Patrol Story 9:The Battle Fo...by PawPatrolChaseFan
When a young Rockruff arrives in a completely different world, she is hunted down by every threat Matthew, Champ, and the Paw Patrol have faced so far. Matthew must be w...
something like love one last time // chaennie  by chaennieverse
something like love one last time...by chaennieverse
Jennie Ruby Jane Kim, a successful music producer, singer, and DJ, thrives at the age of 28, reveling in the exhilarating highs of her career. Unfazed by society's opini...
Paw Patrol: Rescue Force by PVZBrony
Paw Patrol: Rescue Forceby PVZBrony
An origin story and rewrite of the Paw Patrol, for a bit older audiences! References to other forms of media, and a more expansive take on the world of the Paw Patrol. W...
The mate of his nanny  by dragonfly_asa
The mate of his nanny by asa_ayla
I'm a new grad human in huge debt, and cheated by my Omega boyfriend. When I got wasted in a bar, I didn't expect to have the best sex ever. And the very next morning, I...
The mate of his nanny final by dragonfly_asa
The mate of his nanny finalby asa_ayla
it's the sequel to "the mate of his nanny 1" that I have to post separately because the story is 252 chapters and we can only post 200 per story !!
Close - Ella Toone by greatsarah_
Close - Ella Tooneby Sarah
20-year-old Madison Lewis is the newest player on the Lionesses team, and she's showing a lot of quality but she never liked another young player, Ella Toone. Where will...
◄ you and me ◄ carl grimes by babefaithshotup
◄ you and me ◄ carl grimesby kt
the world is dying, maybe we should just let it completed august twentieth, 2O13.
the oscars- t.c by timmyslove
the oscars- t.cby timmyslove
"A kiss" "It's not that easy Timmy" "Come on, the French love to kiss" ------------ In which Ella and Timothée meet at the Oscars. This is...
Just What I Needed by chooseitwisely
Just What I Neededby Kelsey
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t...
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Ella Potter (Draco Malfoy) by AriaLord
Ella Potter (Draco Malfoy)by AriaLord
Ella Potter, younger sister of the famous Harry Potter. Unlike Harry, Ella was put under the care of Professor Snape. Harry knows that he has a younger sister, for years...
Love Island 2023 by forbesfever
Love Island 2023by forbesfever
Sienna has seen glitz and glam, but is she ready for 8 weeks of sun, drama and romance? love island summer 2023 fem!oc x ?
Lucifers beloved daughter by Sterre456
Lucifers beloved daughterby Sterre456
When Lucifer went to earth, he left his daughter, Lucy to be the 'temporary'ruler of hell. Before he left, he told her he would come back after two years, max three... W...
Opinionated: The American by Emmais24
Opinionated: The Americanby Emmais24
A young American cousin to Simon Hastings with a large inheritance goes to England at the peak of social season. She makes quick friends with Daphne Bridgerton and is th...
Paw Patrol Odyssey 2 by CactusCougar
Paw Patrol Odyssey 2by CactusCougar
A second collection of Paw Patrol stories that some wish could be on the show. Some stories are connected while others go down different paths.
Paw Patrol Odyssey by CactusCougar
Paw Patrol Odysseyby CactusCougar
A collection of Paw Patrol stories that some wish could be on the show. Some stories are connected while others go down different paths.
My Teacher Is The Devil?! (Lucifer Morningstar x Reader) by ASE715
My Teacher Is The Devil?! (Lucifer...by ASE715
First day of senior year. (Y/n) has a long and boring year ahead of her before she graduates... or does she? Something weird is going on and the new teacher at school is...