The Billion Dollar Girl by hisracingheart
The Billion Dollar Girlby racingheart
What would you say, if a stranger wanted to buy you? And what would you say if the stranger offered you a Billion Dollars? Ella goes to an expensive school she can't aff...
  • love
  • marriage
  • watty
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The Oscars- T.C by timmyslove
The Oscars- T.Cby timmyslove
"A kiss" "It's not that easy Timmy" "Come on, the French love to kiss" ------------ In which Ella and Timothée meet at the Oscars. This is...
  • boy
  • timmy
  • timothee
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xxxtentacion |Jahseh Onfroy|[COMPLETED] by xxxtentacion_xo
xxxtentacion |Jahseh Onfroy|[COMPL...by QUE?
COMPLETED. Highest rank. #27 in random #392 in Fanfiction Started this book January 13 2018 and I ended it on June 18, 2018😭💔 It's so sad how this book blew up after...
  • xxxtentacion
  • jahsehonfroy
  • wattys2018
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Internal cry by TheWritingUser
Internal cryby TheWritingUser
"How long has he been hurting you?" There it is. The question I dreaded, but I promised him I would be honest, so I took a deep breath and answered. "Seve...
  • serielkiller
  • love
  • father
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Elements by Karategirl124
Elementsby Emily
I was sitting on a bench at a bus stop, with no idea how I got there or why, only that I was supposed to be there. My head hurt and my mind was fuzzy, and I couldn't re...
  • ella
  • haven
  • superhero
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Im sold to a gang leader! (ON HOLD!) by gangsromanceanything
Im sold to a gang leader! (ON HOLD...by Lillian1034
Ella is a girl whos 17. Life hasn't been the easiest on her but what happens when her father sells her to a gang leader? this is my first story so it might be slow
  • gắng
  • feared
  • caleb
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Adopted by Corey Scherer and Devyn Lundy by dynamitegirl20
Adopted by Corey Scherer and Devyn...by dynamitegirl20
Number 123 in adopted! In this life your adopted by corey scherer and Devyn lundy,youve had a hard life and a rough start with the family but it will all work out in th...
  • scherer
  • adopted
  • fan
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Daddy Zane  by nell13j
Daddy Zane by Nell
MATURE 18+ He bent me over, tying my hands behind my back. I bite my lip, feeling so excited. He walked and grabs a whip. He traces it over my body. Making me jump a l...
  • ella
  • zane
  • daddyzane
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◄ you and me ◄ carl grimes by babefaithshotup
◄ you and me ◄ carl grimesby kt
the world is dying, maybe we should just let it completed august twentieth, 2O13.
  • dead
  • daryl
  • carl
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Storms and Everlasting Silence by Manang15
Storms and Everlasting Silenceby Artemis Fox Jackson
I love love love the Storm and Silence Series by Sir Rob Thier! This is a Fanfic!! Based on Storm and Silence, In the Eye of The Storm and Silence is Golden! These stor...
  • captaincarter
  • fanfiction
  • crossover
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Impromptu Attraction [four] by steffy_t
Impromptu Attraction [four]by steff
He's known as the goofy fourth member of Central Perks who's got an appetite of a monster, a voice of an angel and a sense of humour that could make a dead man smile. He...
  • ella
  • impromptuattraction
  • keely
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Light In The Darkness(Supernatural FanFic) by HopeSparksEmbers
Light In The Darkness(Supernatural...by Hope Embers
Ella Winchester is the youngest of the Winchester siblings. She grows up surrounded by the supernatural. Raised by her father John Winchester to be a hunter along side h...
  • ella
  • sam
  • dean
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Selena Miller: Camp Rock Fanfiction ♪COMPLETED & Wattys2016♪ by Dreamz_Big14
Selena Miller: Camp Rock Fanfictio...by Savanna Miller
#20 in Wattys2016Fanfiction Selena Miller goes to a camp for Summer Break called Camp Rock. Her friend Mitchell is there, and Selena keeps Mitchy's secret safe, 'she's t...
  • shane
  • dana
  • ella
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Shadow | Alec Lightwood [1] ✔️ by -stilesunicorn
Shadow | Alec Lightwood [1] ✔️by riley
❝My shadow follows me during the day, and then surrounds me at night as it clones itself into complete darkness. Now that's self-love.❞ Ella Holt. COMPLETED. ««»» I do N...
  • simon
  • clary
  • hunter
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Adopted by Emma Chamberlain |✔️ by Lunar0Leo
Adopted by Emma Chamberlain |✔️by Fanfic Qween
Emma Chamberlain is one of the most successful YouTubers of her time. She's edgy, relatable, and very funny. Emma is 25 now, and she doesn't have much to do with her li...
  • emmachamberlain
  • kid
  • dolantwins
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Powerfully powerless (season 3 of tplp) by MIKKKAYLA
Powerfully powerless (season 3 of...by MIKKKAYLA
Third and possibly last season to The Prophecy Lunas POV... hope you enjoy A heap of Drama is added to Skyla's life after she finds out she's pregnant, but will things a...
  • ella
  • skylaandaaron
  • skyla
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instagram || jenzie by -sishtar
instagram || jenzieby no u
@johnnyorlando started following @kenzie iN wHiCh two kids find love over an app
  • hannahmeloche
  • emmachamberlain
  • charles
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The Society by GoldenGateBridgette
The Societyby Bridgette
When Ella's grandmother passed away, she was left to the care of the Society--an organization that raises exceptional girls to become perfect brides for the elite, upper...
  • fame
  • hale
  • boyfriend
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Perfect Doesn't Last Forever by thestoryofmylife1
Perfect Doesn't Last Foreverby thestoryofmylife1
The Sequel to "In a Perfect World." Eighteen years after giving birth to her daughter, Hayley, Brittany's life is in a completely different place than she plan...
  • last
  • hayley
  • brittany
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The Next Generation - Fairy Tail Fanfic - by jocelinefelicia
The Next Generation - Fairy Tail F...by jocelinefelicia
Natsu and Lucy got married and had kids. Gray and Juvia got married and had kids. Gajeel and Levy got married and had kids. Mira and Laxus got married and had kids. Erza...
  • mindy
  • lux
  • storm
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