123. The Prom ( Part 2)

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Tristan was leading Vienna away from the woods hand in hand towards her doom. Vienna was sure he was going to dip her in the water for soaking him but the direction he walked was not to the fountain. It was towards the boys hotel. Sanctions were part of life when you messed with the boys and it was tradition for girls to play such games but it didnt mean they were prepared for the consequences. These boys didnt budge and couldnt take a joke.

Vienna heard the girls screaming from the far back of the fences in the back yard and looked up at Tristan who had a passive expression not giving away what was on his mind. She asked carefully "Tristan... Where are we going? I thought you wanted to drop me in water?"

Tristan turned to her "Do you want to be thrown into water? Would that make you happy?"

Vienna quickly shook her head "No."

Tristan then looked ahead "Then no I am not going to throw you in water."

Vienna remained silent but then she was curious "So where are we going? I know you want to do something unpleasant..." She then gulped as he looked at her with a look of displeasure.

Tristan retorted "And why is that? Why do you asume that?"

Vienna shrugged "The... other boys do that..."

Tristan looked ahead "Well, I am not other boys... When you do something wrong, I might do something to make you regret it. I only do that when I feel its serious. But this is not serious. We are joking around. But dont make a habit of soaking me... But I am an opportunist. I want to spend time with you and delay you from going to the girls... But lets face it. They will take a while to get dried up and dressed for you girls to go for dress rehearsal... I will make you do something that I like..."

Vienna was more curious "Tristan... What is it that you like? Would I not like it?"

Tristan looked thoughtful "I dont know... Probably not. You never come with your brothers when we go there..."

Vienna asked "Where?" They were now in the lobby of the boys hotel. Tristan lead her through corridors and stopped at a door.

Tristan opned the door "Well, welcome to the arcade. The best place on earth for boys. You girls like dress rehearsals. We boys prefer the arcade."

Vienna liked how she surprisingly liked this gesture. She had never been to the arcade before. She thought it was for boys. But she never thought she knew how to play.

Tristan pointed to one of the black arcade cabinets " We can play Death Race on this cabinet. Its my favourite game. Lets play. Go on the the cabinet next to me..."

As Tristan pressed the buttons, he noticed Vienna hadnt gone to the other cabinet. She stood behind him. He turned "Arent you going on one?"

Vienna smiled nervously "I have never played before. I would rather watch... It looks too complicated

Tristan chuckled "Nonsense Vienna. All you need is the wheel and acceleration pedal. Its nothing major. Give it a try..."

Vienna walked to the machine and turned it on. She was finding in confusing even after Tristan explained it to her. She wasnt very keen on playing. After losing so many times, she kept glancing at Tristan. "You play so well... You dont lose..."

Tristan stated " It doesnt matter if you lose or win in this game. Its just a game. Not reality... Its the only place on this earth I am allowed to lose... In a virtual game..."

The way he said the words clenched her heart. It was a brutal truth. Tristan was a first born heir. He wasnt allowed to make mistakes because it was deadly to himself and those that depended on his leadership. He had to win. He had to be the best at everything. She sighed "I am sorry."

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