130. The Prom (Part 9)

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Francesco was standing in Emanuelle O'Neil's office leaning to the desk while standing towering over his son who was explaining to his father his account. Francesco had asked for him to come in and one command of " tell me everything" was enough. His son knew to tell him everything and he knew well enough he couldn't hide anything from his father. He knew what his father referred to and what details he wanted.

Adele was standing next to her son listening intently watching her husband. She was silent and from the last time when she had interrupted her husband when dealing with Vienna she knew not so say anything unless she wanted her husband to exclude her from the meeting. He had promised to exclude her if she challenged him in front of the children while he was concerned about their safety. This was a business issue but a safety matter to. Angelia was an Andovini. The child was no enemy of Francesco but her parents were not friends of Rosarios. That could put their family in danger if she got close and hurt Vienna. He had explained that to her and her son knew that too.

Viggo took a deep breath as he finished his account of how he loved Angelia. He had explained when and where they had started their friendship. There was nothing to say now except wait. He looked into his father's eyes trying to guess his verdict which was impossible. His mother was standing next to him so his father was not acting like always in meetings. He was different with their mother around but he knew a one to one meeting was coming up. A much different atmosphere could be present in the room if his mother was not around.

Francesco turned to Adele "Sweetheart. Please step outside. After I have a private word with our son, he would come outside and tell you his verdict. I need to talk to him privately before I tell him my verdict. I cant do this in your presence." He emphasised on the last words.

Viggo knew this strategy. His father was not going to worry his mother and all unnecessary details. He was asking her to leave but was putting her at ease by assuring her she was going to see Viggo again shortly. As predicted, his mother didn't protest. She nodded and turned to Viggo. She took a step towards him and touched his shoulder with her hand. She smiled sadly at her son and walked to the door.

Viggo watched his father's eyes that followed his mother's movements.

Of course Francesco preferred it if his wife walked to him and gave him a kiss instead rather than comforting their son. But they were a private couple. They had made a decision not to show too much affection in front of their children.

As Adele walked out and closed the he door shut, Francesco glanced at his son in an expression that made Viggo gulp. Emotions in his father's eyes said to him that he was going to be in trouble.

Francesco spoke in a low tone " You made your mother cry."

That statement made him go pale. Had he made his mother upset? That was the biggest crime of all in his father's eyes.

Francesco then continued " You are grounded Viggo until the end of summer. You are allowed to go on your internships but you will have no social life. When you are home, you will make it up to your mother. You hurt your mother. You will make it upto her. If you don't. I will take your punishment one level up. You will spend time with your mother. You will go to church with your mother on Sundays and tell Vincenzo he is going too alongside me. If your mother is too busy, you make sure you are busy too with whatever she is doing. If she is baking you go sit down with her in the kitchen and giving talk to her. Make sure she knows you appreciate her... If she is at work and you are free, you drop by at the hospital and keep her company. You only leave her side when she tells you to. If you are not capable of this, you will have hell to pay son. Do you understand? Am I making myself clear?"

Viggo breathed with difficulty " Yes father." His father's eyes said to Viggo he was a dead man if he failed him.

He took his left hand out of his pocket and reached up. He put his hand on his son's shoulder. Viggo almost jumped and breathed. Francesco looked st his son with a hard expression "I will allow you to see this girl only on school premises or school organised events like this. Outside these hours you are not allowed to see her. You can call her on the phone. This is for your own safety son and her own safety. When the times change I might allow you to bring her home. But not now. Do you have any questions son?"

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