39. An Evening With Him

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Letizia was being driven to the Rosario mansion in a car driven by one of her father's chauffeurs. There were two other cars accompanying the car she was in for her security. When she arrived at the gate of the Rosario mansion, she had to come outside the car since they searched anyone for weapons at the gate.

Letizia of course was allowed through with no checks upon orders of Vincenzo. She made her way inside as her fathers men waited at the gate. She was lead to the mansion and it was a strange feeling coming back here when it was quiet. At the gathering on Sunday the house was different. But now all was peaceful and quiet. It was around 7pm and after the Rosarios had their dinner. That was how she wanted to visit. She didn't want to disturb their family dinner with little notice. But she was allowed to stay till midnight even if she needed to since she had told her father she was studying. She could even have a sleep over if she needed to. Her father really cared about her academic achievement. Of course if her father knew about Vincenzo he may have hesitated and would have been stricter about her visiting arrangements. When she had told him she was going to see the Rosarios he had assumed she was going to see Vienna and of course hadn't even let her clarify why she was going to the Rosarios since he was in a rush to go to a business meeting and didn't have any more time to spend with her. She didn't like how her father spent little time with her but he was busy. He had many assets and he had to be working non stop to make sure he was on top of his business.

When she entered the mansion she was asked to wait in the lobby and minutes later, Vienna came down the stairs with a smile. She was such a lovely girl. She looked alot like her mother. Vienna was truly loved by her family and she tried to spread that love to others too. She was the angel type girl that Letizia could never dream of becoming. She hadn't heard anything negative about Vienna at school at all. Even though she was the queen of the school, she was so humble and down to earth. She was just baffled why she was so different to her brothers. Viggo was also angel faced but had a reputation of being quite tough. Even though he had a heart of gold when he treated the girls, he had quite an unapproachable presence if he wished it. If he didn't want to be approached it was easy to tell. He would have had his cold glare that made no one to dare mess with him. But he was kind to girls but there were stories of him being quite rough with boys if he was bothered by them.

Then there was Vincenzo, the most baffling being she had come across. She had no idea where he got his genes from but she was sure he didn't have any genes from his mothers side. Unlike Vienna and Viggo he didn't have his mothers blonde hair. He had brown hair and was strong build like his father. Many said Viggo was like his uncle Angelo and quite skinny. But it wasn't just his looks that distinguished Vincenzo from his siblings. His presence was something she couldn't explain. He had a dark mind. That much she could tell. The answers he gave in lesson discussions showed his personality and his cruelty. His hate was intense. Everything about him was alarming telling her to keep away from him. But she couldn't. She owed him. The fact that she was Vincenzo's girl had saved her that day. From what she had heard Tristan was a big grudge taker and if you made an enemy out of him it was for life. He was going to make her life hell. She was certain of it. That day Azurine had told her many stories of what had happened to anyone who had disrespected Tristan. He made an example out of them constantly until they left the school. But of course Vincenzo's existence was what had saved her. She was there that evening because she needed his help in engineering but also to help him learn dance as a way of repaying him. But she knew this could lead to much more. She had a feeling it could happen. That was what Vincenzo was hoping for. He had said so himself. That was another thing. Vincenzo was honest. Brutally honest. That made life easy for her and let her know where she was standing with him. But many boys were not as honest or rather didn't have the confidence to be. She hated to admit it but she was starting to like Vincenzo. He was nasty but he did have feelings and apparently for her.

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