32. Teenage Wrath

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Viggo was sitting alone behind a desk in the silent study room of the library. He had come to school early and had so much time to kill so he thought he might as well do some studying for his exam that morning. As he was reading he was suddenly startled as he heard the door shut soundly. He looked up and saw non other than Tristan with a deadly look in his eyes staring at him at the door as he was turning a key into the lock most likely locking them inside.

Tristan had a key that fitted every room since his parents owned the school. There were no windows in the room and no other door to help Viggo in exiting in case Viggo became desperate to flee. Viggo knew he was no match for Tristan. Only Vincenzo was. Sometimes he wished his brother didn't hold back when he dueled with him so he knew how it was like to face Tristan since Vincenzo and Tristan were evenly matched in terms of physical strength. But their father had warned Vincenzo not to use full force. Viggo was shorter and quite skinny compared to the bulky Tristan and muscular Vincenzo. Maybe he could break the door but he doubted it. Tristan and Vincenzo were killing machines.

Viggo cautiously stood up from his desk "Tristan..."

Tristan walked towards his desk "You punk. I know what you did last night." He then without warning grabbed the collar of his shirt. He threw him with force across the classroom making him hit the wall.

Viggo stood up "What the hell?" He knew he had no chance but he wasn't one to go down without a fight. So he then charged at Tristan.

Tristan threw a punch into Viggo's stomach making him kneel to the floor.

Tristan threatened "Stay down and listen to what I say to you carefully."

Viggo recovered and stood up and attacked Tristan throwing punches that Tristan blocked easily.

Tristan warned "I said stay down and listen. I am not in the mood to teach you a lesson."

Viggo punched him "Its about Vienna. Isn't it?..."

Tristan stated "That's it." He then threw a strong punch into his stomach making him lose his breath and drop to the floor on his back."

Tristan spoke firmly "Enough. Stay down..."

Viggo raised his voice looking at Tristan " Why can't you get the message to keep your distance and not pressure her. You dared ask her to the prom so soon. She has found out you fancy her for two days now for crying out loud. " He then tried to tackle Tristan to the ground but Tristan managed to grab him from the floor and pushed him to the wall. Tristan grabbed his hand and twisted it behind him making Viggo wince in pain. With one hand he had Viggo's right hand and with another hand he was pushing his left hand and his body to the wall.

Viggo spoke "Let me go."

Tristan spoke as his voice boomed "I told you to stay down. Now if I break your arm, then it would be your fault. Now are you going to back off."

Viggo growled and looked back at Tristan "You threw the first punch."

Tristan stated "I did. Didn't I? But you didn't answer my question..." He then twisted his arm painfully making Viggo press his lips but he held Tristan's stare making Tristan admire him for being brave enough to defy him. Viggo must have been in immense pain but he didn't complain.

Tristan laughed bitterly "I don't ask twice Viggo..."

Viggo looked at Tristan defiantly " Go ahead and do it." He closed his eyes shut. He didn't put it past Tristan to break his arm.

Viggo's expression reminded him of Vienna and how she had cringed away when she thought he was going to hit her. Tristan sighed. He couldn't hurt him any more. Vienna could get upset. With reluctance he let go of Viggo and took a step away. " I wish you weren't her twin. You are going to leave this room in one piece because of her. Now stay down or I might forget who you are related to..."

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