94. Cake Rhymes With Snake

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Tristan was watching Vienna with satisfaction. He was standing leaning to the wall as he was watching her redecorating her cake for the third time. He had made her recite some of the key rules about wars at survival camp verbally and had made her write some of them on the cake too... Three times he had asked her to do that. He liked watching her getting covered in icing sugar and cream. She looked so adorable and he was enjoying himself watching her. When she was tired of reciting the rules, he had gladly handed her a bottle of water and had watched her drink slowly and gracefully. He had now been almost satisfied she knew the rules.

Tristan ordered " Enough Vienna... You have decorated it well. I am not going to ask you to decorate it again."

Vienna straightened up on her chair as she touched a strand of her hair and put it behind her ear. In the process she put some cream on her cheek.

Tristan was dying there. He would have loved to kiss away the cream off her cheek but she was not ready for that. She looked so adorable. He didn't want her to get changed.

Tristan instructed "Can you collect all the cream and icing you have put on top the cake. Put it on a plate. I will have the cream ." He then thought to himself " I only want what your hands have touched.

Vienna complied and picked up a plate and carefully with a knife collected all the cream on top. She offered the plate to Tristan who was standing at the other side of the table.

Tristan took the plate from her hand. He then found himself not able to resist. He reached his hand towards her cheek. " You have some cream on your cheek. May I get it."

Vienna quickly wiped her cheek before Tristan could and his heart melted as she put her finger that was covered in cream in her mouth. He was dying. He was sure when he married her he was going to have some cake decorating sessions with her and vowed to make sure he made all his dreams come true then. For now Vienna just made him watch what he couldn't touch and couldn't taste.

Tristan dipped his spoon in the cream and put it in his mouth. It tasted heavenly. Vienna had made the cream with the Irish cream. He was trying to memorise the cake's taste.

Tristan asked " Would you like to try some of the cake corporal ?"

Vienna shrugged " I am fine... sergeant..."

Tristan spoke " You don't want cake or you don't want to taste this cake..."

Vienna knew she was caught " I ... don't want this cake..."

Tristan asked " Why not?"

Vienna replied honestly " I don't want to have this cake that I decorated in a cell ... I am under arrest... The rules state nothing is free. No privilege is free in prison and has a cost. I can't trust the cake."

Tristan nodded " Good. You are learning your lesson. You don't trust what you shouldn't meant to.... But this cake is no poison.. What if I told you I got it from an award winning cake shop in New York? Try a piece. This is not part of the test... If I test you, trust me you won't know you are being tested. Rules also say when you are under arrest, you comply with what your superior tells you. This is not captivity. This is arrest. You betrayed your team and got yourself captured by the enemy. If they arrested you then you shouldn't have trusted what they asked you to do... But this is your own team's cell. Rules are different. I make the rules as your sergeant...."

Vienna looked at the cake and whispered " I am fine..." she didn't trust Tristan not to be testing her. She was meant to be under arrest... But this looked like a party.

Tristan sighed " Fine. If you don't want the cake, I will give you something else that rhymes with it. Cake rhymes with snake..."

Vienna looked up sharply in horror " No..."

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