48. Getting Breathless

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Vienna was sitting opposite of Tristan rehearsing with him. It had been less than an hour but it seemed longer to Vienna. His closeness was making her feel uneasy. The intense look in his eyes was just focused on her. He watched her every move closely and never looked away. She just wanted to find a way to relax. She started taking off her cardigan to Tristan's surprise. But he didn't complain. Her strapless creamy dress really suited her. She looked as irresistible as always without her cardigan.

Vienna cleared her throat and carried on rehearsing. Tristan couldn't be happier. He loved staring at her. He didn't want anything more than kissing her rosy lips as she was saying her lines. He felt blessed to be in her presence. He felt so joyful at being so close to her without making her feel too intimidated. She still was scared of him. He could tell. It was not easy to gain her trust but this drama pairing had helped alot to have a chance to get closer after their confessions.

After they finished rehearsing their lines for the second time, Tristan asked a question that was bothering him " Vienna, have you entered the art contest yet?"

Vienna looked up shyly and shook her head "Not yet... "

Tristan didn't like that at all "Vienna. Why? Is it because of Vincenzo? ..." He then thought to himself " He has no right to tell you what to do. I told him politely to back off. Maybe I should change my approach. The head case has crossed the line with you."

Vienna was taken back. She didn't expect him to speak with such strong feelings about something as insignificant as a contest. She spoke quickly "What? No... No... Its not him. He came to me today and said he has no problem with me entering. He said you asked him to talk to me..."

Tristan stated "But that's not all he said. Is it?"

Vienna looked away "It doesn't matter....." Of course Vincenzo had threatened that when he became in charge, he was not going to stand for her wasting her time on art. He had said it was only because of their mother, he was backing off. She then sighed and voiced her curiosity that she had at the back of her mind "Why do you care about this so much Tristan?" Tristan had her now by his side. She had promised to save him a dance the following week at their party and of course she had promised to go to the end of year prom with him. What did it matter what Vincenzo said?

Tristan spoke "What matters to you is my concern. I can talk to him again." He then told himself "And this time I wont hold back. He needs to be reminded who you are to me."

Vienna gave him a half smile "You told him to talk to me. That is enough for me. He wouldn't have done it if you hadn't asked. You can make Vincenzo leave me alone but you cant make him change his mind. That's who he is. A dictator."

Tristan told himself "Oh, I am a dictator too but nothing like that headcase of a brother that you have." He asked Vienna " Has he bothered you about anything else?"

Vienna shrugged as she started playing with the pile of script papers in her hand looking around the room " No." She then thought to herself " Because I don't give him a reason to."

Tristan took a deep breath of relief. He could tell she was telling the truth. Besides he believed Vincenzo when he said his father did interfere. He looked at Vienna and wondered how anyone could give her a hard time. She was just so innocent and kind. How could anyone try to intimidate her and terrorise her like that. How could Vincenzo bring himself to be so harsh to her. Tristan never recalled telling Clarisa what to do as long as her safety wasn't compromised. All he cared about was her security. Her hobbies were no concern of his.

The silence from Tristan alarmed Vienna who shakily looked up " You won't talk to Vincenzo again. Would you? Don't." She knew what a grudge taker Vincenzo was. If you told him not to do something, he did the opposite.

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