85. Rulers Rule

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It was going to be a testing day at the survival camp. Everyone was going to be tested. The privates and corporals were going to be put through their paces. Only Tristan, Vincenzno and Niall were the Sergeants who were immune. They were going to be tested for Leuitanent position later on in the year.

All students had reported to a the meeting point. A massive asphalt ground surrounded by walls topped with barbed wires. No one knew how this was going to be done. They were waiting for instructions and announcements.

The privates were standing at one side of the grounds and corporals at the other side. They were waiting in total silence for the the three Sergeants to come out of the building and address the students from the top of a podium.

Vienna was looking around at all students and knew everyone was present except one. She had noticed there was no Edward Blake. She had no idea where he was. She whispered to Viggo who was standing next to her "Do you know where is Private Blake..."

Viggo sighed and whispered back "Forget him..."

Vienna muttered "But we need to know where everyone is..."

Viggo whispered back "He is inside.... He is locked up for today and Sergeant O'Neil will deal with him. You didnt hear that from me..."

Vienna's heart sank. Why did Edward have to be in trouble all the time? She wished she could do something.

Suddenly Niall came out of the budding and ordered the Corporals to supervise the privates in doing some marching as they were waiting for further instructions.."

Vienna so badly wanted to walk into the building and find out what had happened to Edward. She was sure it had to be because he had sent her flowers. She wished she hadn't told Tristan but it was impossible to hide anything from him. But again part of her hated the idea of lying to Tristan. She didnt like to have any secrets with him... But she couldnt help feel guilty at telling Tristan about where the flowers were from. But again he would have found out anyways.

Vienna whispered "I want to go inside.... I want to help Private Blake.. Its my fault he is in trouble..."

As Viggo was watching the marching he turned to Vienna " Do you want to be demoted to private position? Sergeant O'Neil would teach you a lesson for that... I wont let you risk taking him on..."

Vienna's fears were confirmed. She whispered "So its Sergeant O'Neil behind this?"

Viggo sighed "Come on.... You do know that no boy is allowed to even look at you let alone send you flowers... Private Blake knew what he was doing ... Dont make it worse than it is for him..."

Vienna swallowed hard. She knew Viggo was right. She could only make it worse.

Viggo couldnt believe how his sister still hadnt realised what kind of brute Tristan was. Tristan didnt forgive and forget. You couldnt just even bump into him by accident and then make it ok with an apology. It didnt work like that. Poor Blake had thought he could fix everything with an apology. It was a little too late for that. He was inside weeping as he was given some cold treatment. Viggo knew that his father had paid a visit to Blake and his family in the morning. That had done the trick. When Blake had come to school, he wasnt looking up. He was so shaken up and fearful. Viggo knew a visit from his father did that. Blake had been unlucky to arrive late to school and get break time detention with Tristan since it was military week. Of course Blake's hell had started then even before anyone had started the camp.

Blake had begged on his knees for Tristan to forgive him. He had cried and wept non stop promising to never even look at Vienna and send no flowers... But of course that was too late. Blake had been condemed to so much suffering at the hands of Tristan that day. He was going to teach Private Blake a lesson he wont forget.

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