41. Teenage Worries

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Francesco was finishing off his work in his office ready to go to his bedroom to sleep. It had been a long day. He smiled in amusement at the events of that night at dinner time. His son was truly a special case. He had made him win a bet with Adele which he was really going to exploit. The look Adele had given their son was priceless when she had heard. He knew Vincenzo could find himself a girl to bring home one day. He was persistent and never gave up.

Francesco walked out of his office and decided to check on his children before the went to bed. Sometimes after long days at work, he felt the need to see them before bed. He had cut short dinner time to make some phone calls and when he didn't have the chance to catch up with his children at dinner, he made up for it. He just had to see them before they slept to see if they needed anything or they had anything on their mind that bothered them.

Francesco knocked on Vincenzo's door first. He spoke "Its me son. Do not set your alarm system on me."

Vicnenzo's chuckle came from inside "Come in father. Its safe. I just disabled it."

Francesco came inside his room with a smile. He closed the door and watched his son still sitting at his desk reading "Shouldn't you be in bed son?"

Vincenzo spoke " I will go to bed in a few minutes. How are you father?"

Francesco smiled as he walked around his room " I hope you haven't installed anything life threatening in this room."

Vincenzo shrugged "Well, everything is off so don't worry father."

Francesco walked to his son and leaned against his desk as he put his hand on Vincenzo's shoulder who was sitting down looking up into his eyes "Is there anything you would like to tell me about what happened with Letizia today?"

Vincenzo stated "I tutored her. That's about it."

Francesco spoke " Oh, you did alot more than that, I bet.... You impressed her parents without meeting them. I am impressed with you. Letizia's father just called...."

Vincenzo frowned "What did he want?"

Francesco stated " Nothing much. He just complimented you non stop. According to him, I have raised an honourable son who understands the challenges that the society poses to young girls. Apparently you gave a very thoughtful gift to his daughter that can fight off hoodlooms who may want to hurt his daughter. He has given his blessing for you to hang out with her when you want. He said you are welcome to his home any time. He told me what you had built for her. Its a thoughtful gift according to him and his wife. So if you want to ask her out for ice cream, I bet he wont say no...."

Vincenzo laughed "Father, my idea of a date is not a trip to the ice cream parlour."

Francesco sighed "Of course it isn't... Is there anything else you would like to tell me son? Is all well in school?"

Vincenzo nodded "Yes father. All is well. Thanks for asking."

Francesco smiled and nodded. He was satisfied with his response so he walked away "Good night son. Don't stay up too late."

Vicnenzo smiled as he watched his father leave "Good night father."

As Francesco left, he closed the door and took a deep breath. He didn't know for how long he could have such simple conversations with his children in his manner. His children were growing up fast and the control over them that he had could be slowly slipping away. Especially he knew it was a matter of time before Vincenzo went his own way. He was strong willed and independent. He knew he was going to miss these days when he was just a teenager.

Francesco went to see his second eldest son next. He knocked on the door "Its me Viggo."

Viggo spoke "Come in father."

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