21. Temperamental

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Vienna did some more science lab work in silence as Edward was doing the same glancing at her shyly.

Vienna announced " It's time to go. Time flies."

Edward quickly walked to her as he was looking around the room " I just want to say ... I am sorry."

Vienna turned to Edward and frowned " For what?"

Edward looked at Vienna and spoke in a sad tone " Trent called you a cheater... It's my fault.... I am sorry...."

Vienna shrugged " That's the least of my worries. Wait until he tells his brother. Tristan is not like other kids. He is ...." There were no words to describe him. He was just Tristan. She sighed " I guess he is complicated. But I will talk to him. Trent shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. Lets forget them for now. Why are boys so dramatic sometimes. I am fourteen. I don't care about any boys".

Edward sighed. Vienna had no idea how popular she was. Boys talked about her all the time. Edward was considered no threat so people never even cared if he was minding his own business standing nearby any groups. The boys were crazy for her in every way but of course they never dared say anything in front of Vincenzo and Viggo or go near her.

Edward looked at Vienna in awe as he saw her taking her lab coat off. His breath was almost taken away. She was just the most beautiful girl in school and the kindest. The elegance that she had was rare. The way she walked in every room made everyone turn heads. The way she spoke made the person being addressed by her feel like the most important person on the planet. If she gave you her attention, she truly listened to you and when she smiled at you, she meant it. if she frowned at you she also meant it. She was just one girl worth getting beaten up for. Edward had no hard feelings at all. He could understand why Tristan was so possessive of Vienna. She was breath taking and she didn't even know how she made the heart of boys skip a beat every time she walked past them. Lucky for her and unlucky for the boys, she was an untouchable Rosario that no one dared to claim as theirs except for someone like Tristan who was as untouchable himself and had an untouchable sister of his own.

As Vienna cleared her equipment off the table and was ready to go at the door, she turned to Edward "Are you coming? I will walk with you to the exam halls. I do not trust Tristan not to give you a hard time."

Edward gave her a grateful smile and nodded wordlessly admiring how caring she was. She could do anything she wanted. She could exercise her power as a Rosario just like how girls like Azurine did getting anyone she didn't like into trouble. But not Vienna. Edward slowly walked to the door and Vienna smiled weakly at him and walked out.

Vienna walked to her locker and so did Edward to take out equipment they needed for their exams. As Vienna was opening her locker when she saw Alton bumping his shoulder to Edward's making him trip and fall. She turned to Alton " Be careful where you walk."

Alton spoke " Vienna.... You shouldn't defend him you know. Tristan wouldn't like that."

Vienna offered her hand to Edward to take as he stood up and spoke " Really?" She was staring him down wanting him to say what he knew.

Alton spoke " Tsk Tsk. You are not allowed to help him out. No one is. Tristan wont like hearing this. Go read the notice board in the canteen...." He then laughed and walked away.

Vienna became curious. He turned to Edward " Can we check the notice board before we go? I wonder what Alton meant."

Edward shook his head vigorously " I ... think I don't want to go to canteen. I haven't been there in a while. But we don't have time. Exams are starting."

Vienna sighed and walked to the exam halls. She waited at the door until they were allowed in. When he looked to the crowed of girls waiting there, she spotted her friends. She walked to them. She surprisingly couldn't see any sign of the boys' basketball team.

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