13. A Common Room

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At the end of the second exam of the day, the bell rang. That mean no more exams and just normal lessons but lunch time was first. Letizia walked outside the exam hall and decided to use her lunch time to do some exploring. She couldn't see any of the girls she knew within eye sight so she decided to walk around alone. She didn't even bother to look at the map of the school. The place was massive. She didn't mind exploring it by herself. As she was walking around deserted corridors, she became alarmed. She wasn't sure where she was. Then she heard some voices on the top floors so she walked further upstairs and went some levels upwards to the fifth floor. As she was looking around, she saw a big banner that said " Boy's common room, no girls allowed."

Letizia's eyes widened and she made her way to the stairs but found her path blocked as she saw a crowd of boys walking up with their trays of food. The one at the front was Trent " Oh, look what we have here. Not so fast Letizia."

Then Letizia found two pairs of strong arms grabbing her hands. Two boys she couldn't recognise restrained her hands behind her back. One of them spoke " We at last have a girl we get to punish."

Letizia kicked them both and broke free. She then tried to walk through the crowds of boys coming up the stairs but suddenly found non other than Tristan in front of him. He looked past her " Cain, Sebastiano, restrain her. Then Letizia found her arms painfully gripped behind her over her rucksack and she couldn't break the hold of the two strong males.

Letizia spoke " What is the meaning of this?"

Tristan shrugged " No girl comes here unless they want trouble. It's tradition. Any intruder that comes here has to be put on trial. We can do what we want with you. This floor is boys common room. Now you have a choice. We either drag you to the student council room or you walk."

Letizia spoke " I walk."

Tristan spoke " Follow me then."

Cain and Sebastiano did not let go of her as she walked to where ever Tristan was walking now she tried to break free but didn't work. She couldn't take on two strong males.

She gritted her teeth " Let me go. I can walk. I won't go anywhere."

Tristan spoke " Fine. Let her go." He then turned to Letizia "But if you try to run, it will be much worse for you."

They lead her to a room in the far end of the corridor that had a black door. It said " Only student council members and the basketball team allowed."

Tristan opened the door and Letizia reluctantly walked inside followed by Cain and Sebastiano.

Letizia was so interested in the design of the room. It was black everywhere. Black walls, black Furniture. There were posters everywhere.

Tristan then locked the door and spoke attention guys " We have an intruder."

There was a long table in the middle and boys were eating their lunch on the table. Letizia recognised almost all the people. The boys basketball team from yesterday were eating there. The boys who had followed her also sat down. Now only Tristan was standing next her facing the table as the boys were looking at her smirking while having lunch. The only one not laughing or smiling was Vincenzo surprisingly.

Vincenzo was frozen as he had just taken a bite of an apple. He raised an eyebrow " What the hell?"

Tristan spoke " Exactly. What shall we do with her? Ideas guys. No intruder has come in here in ages."

Letizia turned to him " You are crazy. This is the most ridiculous tradition I have seen. So they give you a while floor for your common room." Letizia felt outnumbered. The only solution was to run. She couldn't believe how she had landed herself in this mess.

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