3. Home Sweet Home

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Adele looked on from the kitchen window as she saw a number of cars with tinted windows pulled in from the mansion. She smiled as she saw Francesco getting off from his car safely. She took a breathe of relief just like every time she saw him back from his trips. He had managed to come back a day early on Saturday evening instead of Sunday afternoon.

Adele knew he was going to come to her straight so she carried on cooking dinner for her family.

Vienna ran to kitchen " Mum... Dad is here a day early. I am so happy." She then ran down corridors to greet her father first. Vienna ran to her father as he entered the house. " Dad. Hi... You are back."

Francesco smiled and picked his daughter up in his arms and kissed her forehead. He spoke " Hello. What has my daughter been upto while I have been gone? Have you been good to your mother?"

Vienna spoke " I have been Studying and I helped mum make muffins today."

Francesco put her down and spoke " Very good." His eyes then caught his eldest son's walking down the stairs.

Vincenzo immediately greeted his father formally " Hello father."

Francesco spoke " Have you been studying today?"

Vincenzo nodded quickly as he approached his father " Yes father. I was studying with Alexander and Sebastiano until they left half an hour ago."

Francesco spoke " Where is your brother?"

Vincenzo shrugged " He is not back from studying with Stefano and Cain yet."

Francesco's expression turned serious as he looked at his watch" He has fifteen minutes left to get here for dinner." He then turned to Vincenzo " Go outside with your sister and take a look at the presents I got all of you in the back of my car while I see your mother. Be prompt at dinner."

Vienna gasped " Thank you father." She then walked enthusiastically outside as Vincenzo followed her reluctantly.

Francesco watched his children in amusement as they walked away. He loved to see them having a better youth than he ever did. His father hardly ever brought presents home. Neither did he ever have the chance to bake muffins with his mother, neither did he remember his mother's cooking while growing up. He was determined to make sure his children did have what he never had. But of course, his children must have been exposed to many aspects of life that he was too as a child. Whether they liked it or not, they were Rosarios. They had to be strong. They had to be raised in a way to prepare them to face their enemies. He knew his sons were ready for almost anything at that age. But he wasn't sure about his daughter. He let her be but he made sure that his sons protected her and understood their duties towards her. He smiled as he heard their arguments over the presents. Both of them loved the freshly baked doughnuts he bought them on his way and they were going to fight over them. He turned around happily to walk upstairs to greet his wife on the second floor that was just built for his family.

Adele felt him approaching as she was setting the dining table. She felt him wrap his arms around her lifting her. He then carried her bridal style making her chuckle " Hey, darling. Welcome back. Put me down though. The kids may see."

Francesco kissed her lips as he carried her towards the bedroom " Hm. Don't worry about them. They are almost grown ups. But I sent them to get their souvenirs from my car. They won't see that their mummy and daddy are having fun."

Francesco let down Adele on the bed and walked to the door and locked it.

Adele spoke " It's too early for making out darling. Don't you think. Dinner is ready soon."

Francesco took off his coat and threw it to a near by sofa. He walked to the bed. " Oh. We will be doing a lot more than making out sweetheart tonight. I have been away from you for too long. Why do you think I made this bedroom soundproof?"

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