75. Watching Stars

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Vincenzo was sitting in the game's room playing cards in groups with Sebastiano and Alexander facing Stefano, Trent and Viggo. They were laughing and joking. All of them were joining in except for Cain who was standing at the window leaning to the wall as he kept glancing outside. The boys around the table kept inviting him to the table were they were sitting, but he declined to go to them.

Suddenly the door opened and Tristan came in.

Vincenzo asked " Where the hell have you been?"

Tristan didn't look at Vincenzo and walked to the library in the room. He picked up a clipboard and a pen. He then walked back to the door as he muttered " I am in a meeting with your father. Now I need to go back there to make some notes... don't wait up." He then walked out and slammed the door shut.

The boys got on with playing. After a while Alexander stood up " I need to go to make a phone call... I just remembered something."

After Alexander walked away and left the room, Vincenzo  turned to look at the window " Cain. What's up with you? Either come play cards with us or leave.  We are a man short... What's the point of you being in this room if you ignore the guys? Why don't you go join the girls at the pool side?"

Cain glanced at him " I can't leave... I am not allowed to leave this room for now..." He then looked back outside.

The other boys were looking at each other with knowing looks. Cain never made sense. He gave short answers and never gave much away. They were lucky they got any words out of him now. Anything he said was riddled anyways.

Vincenzo asked " And why can't you leave?"

Cain shrugged and looked outside " It doesn't matter. I can't leave. I am to stay here..."

Vincenzo turned to Stefano " Would you care to translate for us what he means?"

Sebastiano laughed " Why would he know? Stefano is not his real brother. Cain is adopted and his parents are alive. Cut out the nonsense."

Cain looked sharply at Sebastiano " If you repeat that, I will floor you..."

As Sebastiano stood up looking at Cain ready to retaliate, Vincenzo put his hand up " Sit your backside down. He is right. He is sensitive about that. Don't call Stefano his step brother. You are the one out of order here."

Sebastiano put his hands on his hips and laughed " Me? Out of order? Who are you calling out of order? He is the one that refuses to give you a straight response to a simple question. At least I am straight with you... always... But he is hiding everything. What is his real name anyways?"

Vincenzo stated " My uncle Costanzo's orders state no one needs to know anything...His father's enemies can show up here if they find out who he is. So the less you know the better. Do you really want to be the one to cause his identity to be revealed and a mob war to start over him? I doubt that."

Sebastiano reluctantly sat down " He needs to watch his mouth."

Cain stated " So do you. Don't talk about Stefano like he is a stranger to me and we won't have a problem. He is as good as my brother..."

Sebastiano spoke " Answer the question here... Why can't you leave this room? Vincenzo asked you a straight question. Give him a straight answer. You refused to give him an answer...."

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