17. Tension in The Air

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Tristan was walking angrily towards the assembly point thinking of how many ways he wanted to get Viggo back for his stunt. He had crossed the line messing with him. He was trying to make an example out of Edward so no one dared chase the girl who was his and only his but Viggo had dared interfere.

Vincenzo ran to him and started walking next to him as he spoke " Once this false alarm is off and its all clear, we will be sent back into the building. I want to know are you thinking of coming to the gym or aren't you finished with Edward?"

Tristan whispered "What do you think?"

Vincenzo spoke "I think there will be no point for you to carry on with torturing him. You already have made your point. You have already sent the message out that Vienna is yours. If the kid does not get the message and carries on then go for it and make it as public as you want when you go at him but even by my standards you will be going too far. We have games coming up and you have already put your claim on Vienna. The whole school knows now as the guys did not seem to keep it to themselves what happened to Edward which was on your orders, I bet....... Just come to practice after this false alarm is sorted out. We have a game coming up. I couldn't care less about this Edward kid but I care about the games we have coming up this term. We can't go unprepared to games...."

Tristan retorted back " Why are you trying to get me to let Edward go...,"

Vincenzo spoke " It is none of my business what you do to Edward kid. I just care for our game. You wasting your time an enemy who has already broken is not going to win us games. He would be scared of your shadow now. Why bother with him. So what do you say? Are you coming to practice or not after this false alarm is sorted."

Tristan looked ahead as he was walking " No. I have unfinished business with Edward and of course ..... your dear brother."

Vincenzo chuckled " Oh, I saw Viggo taking Edward to a lecturer to flag him up for medical attention.... Lets face it. Once they announce all is clear to return, Edward won't be leaving the medical room any time soon after he enters it. My best bet is that he will get out at the end of school..... As for Viggo, don't worry I have lined up some fitting ways to make him pay up for this morning. I would make him do push ups and sit ups for the whole session today for his stunt this morning. Of course I will deal with him privately at home too.. But it's me who deals with him for anything he has done so lets go to the gym after this nonsense is over and get to work.. " He emphasised on his last sentence by saying the sentence in a harsher tone. His brother was for him to deal with unless Vincenzo gave his approval otherwise by agreeing on the severity of what he had done being an issue he needed a hard a lesson for it.

Tristan spoke with venom " I will have to put Viggo in his place. He set Vienna up with that weakling. Why don't you add it to his list of offences. Only I want to deal with him for that. This is personal. I warned you if he messed with Vienna I would deal with him."

Vincenzo frowned " What do you mean he set her up?"

Tristan gritted his teeth " Viggo asked Edward to work with Vienna to help her with her science project and then that was when Edward told her he liked her. Then while I was trying to teach Edward a lesson and make an example out of him, he decided to sound the fire alarm. He has to answer for his crimes."

Vincenzo shook his head " So Viggo just asked him to help her with the science project. That is it. Right? Viggo didn't exactly ask him to come onto her. Did he? You can't blame Viggo. He is guilty of other crimes but not setting Edward up. I will deal with Viggo myself. You deal with Edward... But calm down man. Vienna did not agree to go out with Edward or anything? Did she? So you should lay off for now and let the team get on with practice. I want to see you in changing rooms once we return back to gym."

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