107. Long Night

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Tristan opened his eyes waking up from a deep sleep and noticed he had fallen sleep as he had been reading a book on as he had been laying on the sofa.

Tristan wanted to go back to sleep but it was a bit too warm. It was beginning of July after all. He decided to go to the balcony and sleep there on the balcony's Persian rug. He stood up and walked to the balcony door and opened it. When he stepped outside he felt the cool breeze. That helped sleep through the heat of the summer nights when it was windy and the hotel building was multi storey and at a height. The view was beautiful too. As he was about to lay down, he froze as he saw her. He didn't expect to see her when he looked to the right. Her sleeping form was so angelic.

There she was sleeping on her stomach on a Persian rug in her balcony that was next to his. He has asked for that of course. He wanted her close.

It seemed like Vienna had fallen sleep in the middle of drawing something. She was sleeping on her tummy as the drawing paper and pens surrounded her. He smiled at her sight. She liked the cool breeze of the summer like how he did for sleeping. But he decided to get her a blanket.

Tristan went inside and picked up a blanket. He walked outside and then effortlessly jumped over the fence between two balconies trying not to make noise. He put the blanket on her and then his heart warmed up at what she had been drawing. She was drawing a portrait of her family. There was a rough but clear sketch of all members standing next to each other smiling but what made his heard beat faster was how she had drawn him in the portrait too right next to herself and Vincenzo. It meant a lot to him that she included him in a portrait. The way that she had drawn him was too way friendly with Vincenzo. He had one arm wrapped around his shoulder as his arm was around Tristan's shoulder. So that seemed to be Vienna's dream. She imagined the two boys to get along.

Tristan did get along with Vincenzo but on the recent trip their friendship was tested. Vincenzo was pushing him and Tristan was doing the same. They both had competitive personalities so they clashed in some ways.

Tristan was tempted to take away the drawing. It looked good. He could tell her that the wind blew and took the drawing. He smiled to himself. But he couldn't do that. She had worked so hard. Maybe he could borrow the drawing and maybe return it to her on their wedding day perhaps that was to take place in a few years time .... Anything he took from her was not going to be returned until the day they became partners in this life.

Tristan was about to leave but then decided to stay close to her for a while. So he sat down across her leaning to the railings close to her facing her and watched her. He couldn't stop looking at her. He wasn't sure if he wanted to go back to sleep again. What was the point of sleeping and hoping to dream about her when she was right there. He could see himself staring at her the whole night.

Just then he watched her slowly move. She moved her head and looked to the other side.

Tristan muttered "look at me .... damn it..." But then he realised what he had done. He woke her up. He watched her take in a breath and open her eyes as she looked around. Her eyes found his immediately.

Vienna had just woken up from her sleep and the first sight she saw was him sitting near by leaning to the fence that separated her balcony from his. He was sitting so close to her with no shirt on. She gave out a shaky breath " Hi."

Tristan replied " Hi. Sorry I woke you up."

Vienna looked around her and rubbed her eyes. She then noticed the blanket on her. She looked at Tristan  " Did you bring this for me? Thank you for the blanket... I fell asleep when I was drawing ...." She then looked at her drawing and quickly she turned the paper around and the white sheet was now facing  up. She then turned her body around and she was no longer laying on her stomach. She pulled up the blanket slightly and wrapped it around her as she sat up. She then slowly retreated from Tristan and leaned to the railings as she sat cross legged facing Tristan. She decided to break the silence as she wasn't sure if she was going to hide her shyness at seeing him shirtless .  " Why are you awake?" She could feel her face feel hot and was sure she was blushing at his closeness. His handsomeness didn't help. But now that she had created distance between them she should breath easier.

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