117. Secrets In His Heart

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Emanuelle was now checking on his daughter to see if she was alright and sleeping. When he reached her room, he noticed it was half open and he could hear Vienna talking to his daughter. He entered the room and watched the youngsters get startled at seeing him.

Emanuelle asked " Girls. This is past midnight. I think you should say good night now. Vienna so you mind making your way to your room? I need to speak to my daughter..."

Vienna politely nodded. Vienna gave Clarisa's hand a squeeze and bid her good night. The finality in O'Neils voice didn't leave room for argument.

As Vienna left and closed the door, O'Neil walked to the light switch and dimmed it down " Princess. You need to sleep. You have a long day tomorrow. It's prom night."

Clarisa laid down in her bed and pulled the covers up " I couldn't sleep. I was ... worried..."

Emanuelle walked to his daughter. He sat down on the edge of the bed as he smiled warmly at his daughter " Princess. I overheard you talking to Vienna.... You don't need to worry about Letizia. She gets one last chance..,"

Clarisa took a deep breath. She didn't want Letizia to be punished for a game. Clarisa played fair. Her father had been too harsh. She whispered " Thank you."

Emanuelle thought to himself "Don't thank me... Thank the beast...." He then smiled but kept his tone serious" Princess.... There are matters here to discuss.... I want you to tell me why you kissed the beast. I thought I taught you better princess. The beast doesn't play like other boys. He is different."

Clarisa bit her lip " I am sorry... But he is honourable.... If I had to pick one to kiss then it had to be him. I trust him..."

O'Neil was so glad his daughter was open to him. That was how Sancia had raised her. Clarisa was a daddy's girl in every way. She didn't hide anything from him and she wasn't afraid to talk to him. Emanuelle and sancia were also quite open about their feelings in the house and showed affection openly so their children were more used to discussing their relationships.

Emanuelle spoke softly " You shouldn't have been forced to give away your first kiss because of a game. The next time it happens just say no.... You can say no to whatever crazy suggestion Letizia comes up with the next time even though I know there may not be a next time. I wouldn't hold my breath that you will see Letizia in the next term much.,. Your mother will put her in isolation again for the stunt she pulled with you..,."

Clarisa objected " It was not a stunt... It was a game...."

Emanuelle spoke " Princess. It was a stunt. Now new rules... I forbid you from playing over a kiss again in any game. I know you like playing games but kisses are off limits. You only give away kisses to a boy who you call your boyfriend officially in public. Am I making myself clear?..."

Clarisa frowned " Yes.... But..."

Emanuelle spoke " No buts. No ifs. You and your brothers don't have many rules to live by in your recreation time but I am making this a rule now. No kisses in games until you get yourself a boyfriend, officially who I interrogate thoroughly."

Clarisa nodded " I understand... But it was just an innocent kiss. It was just for fun..."

O'Neil nodded " It was to you princess." He then thought to himself " But it wasn't to the beast... He claimed you without you knowing it..." He then leaned over and kissed Clarisa on the forehead. As he pulled away he smiled at his daughter and he stroked her cheek with his index finger " The boys in our world are different to normal boys..... The sons of criminals are possessive and obsessive.... Men don't share in our world... I can foresee you ending up dating a criminal one day and that criminal will be hunting down any boys who you give kisses to..."

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