95. Loyalty To The Beloved

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Vienna walked backwards as Tristan demanded her to dribble past him. He was approaching her and she was retreating as she was dribbling the ball.

Vienna knew if Tristan got any closer he was going to get the bell. There was no chance he was going to take it easy on her. He wanted to have something on her. She was feeling cold and was shaking at the same time as she was concentrating on the game. The snakes were too close for her liking making it hard to concentrate.

Tristan walked closer as he spoke " Come on Vienna. Are you a quitter?"

That was it. Something snapped on her. Her father had taught her to never quit. When he used to practice basketball with her when she was little, he always taught her to never give up. There was a last resort shot her father had taught her. She knew if was fine to use it. She had practiced it before. She could not dribble past him but she could shoot. So she took aim from where she was and decided to take the impossible shot. She could hear her father clapping for and encouraging her to always take a shot if it was important to her.

Tristan watched in surprise as the ball flew past him as it was not within his reach. He turned and saw the ball. The ball went in. She scored. He turned around and clapped for her " Wow. That was a good shot. That's my girl." He then put his hands on his hips " But that was not the arrangement. You were meant to dribble past me and score. You did not get past me... You scored but you still lost to me... In that case you owe me on favour. You must grant a wish by me because you lost." He then instructed " Follow me now... It's time to write some lines ... You have three strikes in case you forgot.. We are no where near done yet... You have some answering to do for giving yourself up to the rival team."

A voice came from a far corner " No she doesn't...."

Tristan looked sharply at the direction he had heard Vincenzo's voice " How did you get here?"

Vincenzo shrugged " Electronics is a hobby of mine.. I invented a lot of electronic gadgets around my house. You think I can't get past your security? "

Of course he could get through anything involving wires and electricity. That was his expertise and one of the few areas in which, Tristan was worried he was going to lag behind vincenzo if he was not careful and if he didnt study hard enough. Vincenzo was really gifted in Mathematics and Engineering more so than Tristan. Some said he inherited it all from his grandfather, Paulo Rosario.

Tristan sighed as he narrowed his eyes at his rival " Can I help you?"

Vincenzo walked slowly towards him " I came here to check on my sister...."

Tristan stated " We are fine....."

Vincenzo ignored him and approached Vienna " Are you alright? You don't have to put up with his nonsense... Come with me if you wish it."

Vienna spoke " I am fine here..."

Vincenzo surprised Vienna with a faint smile " I heard you dumped his backside for me... Rosarios don't abandon one of their own for an O'Neil. I won't forget what you did for me..."

Vienna was shocked. Her brother was pleased with her.

Tristan didn't like that be reminded of bing dumped and bring up their break up. So he put a hand in Vincenzo's shoulder " I think you should go... Don't you have somewhere to be? Like my mother's office to amend the rules for your girl? You should go now to change the rules now. The sooner my mother knows the better... She wouldn't be in a good mood with your girl in her detention if you keep her in the dark for long..."

Vienna turned to Tristan " You let him change the rules?" She felt a warm glow inside. She was so happy that Tristan had allowed Vincenzo to make decisions and it was nice to see proof he had allowed that.

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